OSRS: How to Get to the Ape Atoll

Published: 9 May 2022
Time to get to the Ape Atoll area in Runescape!

RuneScape has a lot of teleporting areas where you can go with your character. There are some hidden areas that you can enter that will require you to speak with a ton of different NPCs. The Ape Atoll area is reachable only if you speak with the right NPCs and go to the exact areas to find them.

This guide will show you how to get to the Ape Atoll area in Runescape.

OSRS: How to Get to the Ape Atoll

Before you begin your journey, you must check if you have completed the “Monkey Madness” mission.

To begin this process, you must first go to the Spirit Tree and interact with it. Use the second method which is the “Teleport Spirit Tree”.

Once you are in that area, speak with the tree again and chose the Tree Gnome Stronghold teleport option.

Once you are there, go north and enter the area with the giant log. Once there, go northeast and on a platform, you will find Daero.

Speak with Daero and he will send you to Crash Island once your previous mission is complete.

In Crash Island, you will find Waydar who will send you to a different location, speak with him and allow him to teleport you.

Once you finally reach the final island, you will need to speak with Lumdo, an NPC who will take you to the Ape Atoll.