Omega Strikers: Ultimate Juliette Guide

September 21, 2022
Learn how to master Juliette with this guide!

Omega Strikers is a free-to-play 3 v 3 multiplayer game where the objective is to knock your rival out of the arena and score goals using explosive attacks and abilities. There are plenty of different types of characters that you can play in ranked, unranked and private lobbies across various maps. You can play either solo or with your friends as you climb the ladder in the ranked mode to become a champion.

This guide will tell you to play Juliette in the game.

Ultimate Juliette Guide – Omega Strikers

Juliette is a combo-based brawler who can deadly with her core as she is with her fists.

Her primary ability is called Fiery Fists which allows her to punch all enemies in a wide short line.

The secondary ability is called Flying Phoenix which allows her to dash forward and hit everything in her path.

As her only way to close the distance between the opponents, this will be a key element for most of your combos.

Juliette’s special ability is Flame Flurry which can help her throw several light jabs with an arc ending with a heavy hit. Just like her other abilities, Flame Furry will hit everything in its range.

With some good placement, it can be used for some fancy core redirects at unexpected angles.

Coming to the combos, the first one is Dash Punch which involves using Flying Phoenix followed by a Fiery Fist mid-dash.When executed correctly, this combo will guarantee both skills will hit in short succession. You can use it to kick unsuspecting enemies out of the arena or hit a goalie into their net with the core right beside them.

The Juliette special is a powerful tool that can be used for both core control and damage. The Flame Furry combo will stop both the core no matter how fast it is going so you can redirect it according to your preferences with the final hit. If you choose it to direct towards an opponent, you can follow it up with a dash punch to get an easy K/O.

For the training, you can go with Tempo Swing, Built Different and Perfect Form. Tempo Swing will give you some healing and damage whereas Perfect Form will help you reduce your cooldown period so you can get your ability quickly.Built different will assist you in aiming better as it increase the hitbox size of your abilities.

That’s everything you need to know about Juliette in the game.