Omega Strikers: Ultimate Estelle Guide

September 21, 2022
Check out this guide to learn everything about Estelle, the long-ranged sniper!

Omega Strikers is a free-to-play 3 v 3 multiplayer game where the objective is to knock your rival out of the arena and score goals using explosive attacks and abilities. There are plenty of different types of characters that you can play in ranked, unranked and private lobbies across various maps. You can play either solo or with your friends as you climb the ladder in the ranked mode to become a champion.

This guide will tell you to play Estelle in the game.

Ultimate Estelle Guide – Omega Strikers

Estelle is a deadly sniper with long range that lets her threaten goals or K/O from anywhere on the map.

She has 3 abilities similar to the other strikes in the game.

Her primary attack ability is Piercing Shot allows her to take aim and launch a blast of crystalline energy to deal a heavy hit to enemies in her line of sight.

It launches after a short delay and is her hardest-hitting ability.

For the secondary ability, we have Rose Warp which allows Estelle to teleport and then fire a projectile on the nearest enemy when she lands.

The primary use of this ability is enhanced mobility which will help you get quickly from one point on the map to another.

Estelle’s special ability is the Crystal Thorn where Estelle launches several projectiles with each one of them dealing a light hit on contact.

While these hits don’t do a lot of damage, the spread of the ability is similar to a shotgun which can be perfect for redirecting the core when you don’t know where it’s going.

For her training, we have Rapid Fire which reduces the cooldown of the primary ability by an initial 12% that will increase to 25% once you reach the max level. The second training that you can choose is Missile Propulsion which will increase the damage and range of the projectiles.

Last but not least is Prime Time which can be purchased for 5K from the shop and will help your primary ability gain another charge at the max level with a longer cooldown.

The foundation of Estelle’s kit is her Piercing Shot ability and thanks to its massive range, you will be able to influence the entire map from the centre allowing you to target players who wander too close to the edge with quick a K/O.It allows gives her great core control and allows her to strike the core from the next zip code over creating unique angles at high speed.

Rose Warp is better used as an escape tool but thanks to its unpredictability, you can also for striking cores at unexpected angles or timings. Being able to use that aggressive potential without getting attacked by your enemies is the key to mastering Estelle.

Estelle is a relatively simple character with 1-star difficulty and her Crystal Thorns are great for locking down opponents and slowing their approach. The Piercing Shots are best utilized for K/O enemies near the edge and sending the core into the goal with a hat trick.

While Rose Wrap is incredible for getting out of sticky situations and slowing down the enemies or protecting your goalie if they are on cooldown.

That’s everything you need to know about Estelle in Omega Strikers!