Omega Strikers: Ultimate Atlas Guide

September 21, 2022
Allow no goals for the enemy in Omega Strikers by following this Atlas character guide!

Omega Strikers is the newest free-to-play knockout game that places gamers against one another in an attempt to score more goals than the other through the strategic use of skills. Basically, it is soccer mixed in with fantasy elements. Each character in this game possesses their own set of abilities that can push foes outside the playable area, speed up progression, and so much more. This makes one character truly unique from the next.

For instance, Atlas, whom we will be focusing this guide on, is capable of restoring his allies’ health while also dealing significant damage to his enemies in order to win the game. With all that said, read on further and we shall tell you how to use Atlas at his best in Omega Strikers.

Ultimate Atlas Guide – Omega Strikers

To make the most out of Atlas in the game, you must first fully understand his skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Thankfully, Atlas isn’t all that hard to play, having a character difficulty of 2/3.

He is best suited to be played as either the goalkeeper or a support attacker, but most would definitely use him as the goalie.

His primary ability, Astral Projection launches an arching projectile towards enemies, moderately damaging and pushing back those that get caught up with it.

This ability also blocks the ball hurling towards Atlas, making it a good skill to use for defensive situations.

His secondary ability, Cosmic Expanse, creates an expanding ring of light around him that vanishes quickly.

Much like his primary, this ability also damages enemies that get caught with it.

Cosmic Expanse can also block the ball. Yet another very useful defensive ability when used in the right circumstances.

Now, for his special ability, the Celestial Intervention – Atlas’ special creates a guardian field that continuously heals all allies standing atop it.

On top of that, his special can also save allies that would otherwise be KO’d by transporting them to its location and immediately restoring 15% of their stagger bar.

Given his skills and defensive capabilities, Atlas is a good choice – if not, the best choice to play as a goalkeeper. As such, his training or build should focus primarily on how to even strengthen his supportive and defensive prowess.

Built Different is crucial to any goalkeeper as it lets you increase your size by 30% and hit 5% harder. This makes it so that you can block enemy attacks and go for the ball much easier.

The next one is the Crossover. This training makes it so that each strike grant 30% haste for 1.5 seconds.

Lastly, you may choose either the Extra Special or Creator of Durable Things. The former significantly reduces the cooldown of your special ability, while the latter gives it more durability and size. And we all know how crucial Atlas’ special can be.

There we go! Now, you know everything you may need to play Atlas at his best.

With proper use, Atlas can be the bane of any striker with his ultra-useful skills and game-altering special.