Northgard: Resource Guide | Everything You Need To Know

August 1, 2022
Resources are one of the most needed ingredients in Northgard, and make sure to keep on gathering!

Northgard is a real-time strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vikings vying for the control of a mysterious newfound continent. To sustain and win in the game you must take care of your resources and always keep on gathering.

This guide will show everything you need to know about Resources in Northgard.

Northgard: Resource Guide | Everything You Need To Know

Like many other real-time strategy games, the resource management in Northgard will keep you playing in order to win. Resources are the most needed and make sure to manage them effectively and lead your clan to victory.

In Northgard, developers added a few things about the resources that you have to consider and manage properly.

Timing Intervals

Timing intervals are pretty interesting in this RTS game where 1 month represents 1 minute in real life. If you see any production value being positive or negative, and that number means how much of that resource you will gain or lose in one-sixth of a month.

By knowing this math, 1 month = 60 seconds, then 60 seconds x 0.16 will get you 10 seconds, which means every value shown next to a resource is how much you would produce in a 10-second period. If you multiply that value by 6, it will get you 1 month worth of production.

Gathering Food

Food is one of the key resources in Northgard, which plays a vital role in your progression and survival. Each of your units consumes -1 food, but this can be modified by certain in-game or clan specific modifiers engaged to manage this effect.

Also, instead of consuming, each villager also produces +4 food but even this number can be modified. Naturally, all of your villagers start out forging for food themselves.

The other potential food producers are fishermen, farmers, and hunters. Out of all, villagers produce less food, which is 260 food per year, with an average rate of 21.6 food per month.

Hunters are a bit better and produce 26 food per month or up to 310 food per year, and this number varies in summer and winter periods. Upgrading their building will drastically increase their production.

Fishermen are the only food production unit that doesn’t suffer any penalty during winter, and constantly produce 26 food per month, and a total of 313 food per year. By upgrading their building and all the tools, you can max their food production to 518 food per year.

Lastly, farmers are most productive during the summer, and least productive during winter, and way ahead of villagers. They produce around 27 food per month and a total of 210 food per year. By upgrading their building and adding an upgraded silo, and upgrading the tools, their production will increase to 530 food per year.

Overall, all the production units are almost the same, with less than a 5% difference between them. Also, it is very important for the production units to be used and managed properly.

Wood Production

Wood production is relatively simple compared to food production, and the only building you can build is the woodcutter’s launch, and each woodcutter that you have will generate 24 wood per month. You can increase this amount by upgrading it which adds an additional woodcutter to the building and increases the monthly wood cutting up to 29 wood per month per woodcutter.

However, you will have to account for -1 wood consumption for firewood in the early game, which increases as time goes on or as winter comes.


Krowns are a very important resource for converting villagers to warriors, upgrading buildings, paying upkeep on buildings, and constructing some buildings in the game.

Traditionally, Krowns are produced from the Town Hall, or from merchants and sailors, and stags if you are the stag clan. Your Town Hall will provide +2 krown, and it is not enough to sustain your needs.

Sailors are the best early game option for krowns, building a longship dock yields 24 krowns per month as well as building either fame or lore.

Merchants are the best most versatile krown producers. They are starting with 24 krown per month but having access to trading routes will grant you with additional 12 krowns.

Mining Stone

This resource is not that important in Northgard early game. Firstly, you will need it to upgrade buildings and construct carved stones in the late game.

But if you find a territory with stone, you could still mine it because you might need it early in the game to upgrade your Town Hall. The stones can be also bought with krowns after you unlock the Marketplace.