Northgard: How To Play Lion Clan

April 15, 2023
Learn everything about the Lion Clan in Northgard!

Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology where players can control a clan of Vikings to win control over a new continent. The game has six different clans for players to choose from, each having its own unique strategy and playstyle.The Lion clan is one of the clans available as a part of a DLC.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Lion clan in the game.

Northgard: How To Play Lion Clan

Features and starting bonuses

The Lion clan, also called Neustria is one of the clans added to the game and it has a two-star difficulty bonus. It has two stars development, three-star military and zero stars for support.

From these rankings, it is evident that Lion is a strong standalone clan with its military and difficulty levels indicating that it has the potential to be powerful while still being easy to learn.

It has zones with military camps and +1 livability which is a stat associated with a zone. If you kill an enemy then it will generate faith if the Warchief Hilgard takes part in the fight.

Military units can be recruited using faith instead of gold and faith works just like lore for the Lion clan.

For the Relic, when the clan unit dies in the same zone as the rug, it can be revived by trading some faith although it may sound very useful.

The special unit of the Lion is the Paladin, a legendary knight that closely resembles the Warrior. This defender of faith can transport sacred relics on the battleground which can be used to revive your army if you have required faith.

It costs 300 units to resurrect all the units in a zone and you can only do so once in every 12 months.

Lion Fame Bonuses

At 200 Fame, you have the Religious Processions which results in Feasts costing 3% less for each acquired knowledge and vow. In addition, every military camp in a zone with prosperity will provide a 5% attack bonus to the associated units.

For 500 Fame, you get the Rise of the Twelve Piers which allows you to evolve Monks into Paladins by using 75 Faith. Relics carried by those paladins will require no building slot.

Lion Clan Build order

Lion Clan Build Order
1. Scout Camp
2. House
3. Lumber Camp
4. Forging Post
5. Sentry Post
6. Tavern
7. House
8. Anchorage
9. Stone Mine (Quarry)
10. House
11. Tavern
12. Smithy
13. Monastery
14. House
15. Smithy
16. Scout Camp
17. House
18. Two or three more Sentry Camps
19. Build more houses as needed

First, you need to start with a Scout Camp and once you have surveilled the tiles around the area, replace the camp with a house.

Next, you need to construct a Lumber Camp and make sure that the Lumber Camp and House are on the same tiles while not occupying your main tile.

Fourth is the Forging Post which needs to be placed on a food tile. While they can be placed on any tile, in order to upgrade them further down the road we need to place them on a food tile.

Put a Sentry camp on the same food tile along with a Tavern. Make sure to add a second house on the Lumber tile and add an Anchorage on your main tile.

In order to Mine Stones, you will need to build a Quarry and then add a third house. Place another Tavern on the main tile alongside a Smithy on the food tile. Developing the zone will give you +1 livability and you will need to construct a Smithy if the zone can only handle three buildings.

Follow the order as mentioned above and you are good to go.

Lion Stone Upgrade Order

Lion Stone Upgrade Order
1. Anchorage
2. Tavern
3. Forging Post
4. Tavern
5. Town Hall
6. Scout Camp
7. Three Sentry Camps

For the Stone upgrade order, start by evolving your Anchorage into a Sea Port by using the free upgrade from the Lore Emporia. Apart from extra gold, seafarers can use this port to bring more resources.

Make sure to bring back Iron until you get 20 Iron as well as adequate Stone to complete all your upgrades. You can then utilize the port to import food.

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The next upgrade is the Tavern on the food tile which can be upgraded to a Bar Room to improve happiness and increase livability in the zone.

The third upgrade is the Forging Post which can only be evolved if they are located on a food tile.

Proceed to upgrade the Tavern located on the food tile again and then upgrade your Town Hall into a Citadel to help increase your warband by 2 and camp capacity by 1. This allows you to have three camps having a warband capacity of 14.

Now upgrade your newly built Scout Camp and last but not least upgrade the three Sentry camps into champions.

Lion Iron Upgrade Order

Lion Iron Upgrade Order
1. Smithy
2. Smithy
3. Warchief
4. Champions Upgrade

As far as the Lion Upgrade order is concerned, you will first require 10 iron each to upgrade the Smithy. These are for the ones located on your food tile and main tile respectively.

Next, you need 5 more iron for the Warchief and the last 5 iron to upgrade your Champion. There are four options available to upgrade the Champions and the deflect perk seems to work the best. You will need a total of 20 Iron for the Lion clan.

Lion Faith Order

Lion Faith Order
1. Mining Efficiency
2. Emporia
3. Carpentry Mastery
4. Sharp Axes
5. Weaponsmith
6. Ost
7. Marchfield
8. Steel Work

The first is the Mining Efficiency with the Emporia which will help you get the next evolution of the Anchorage for free and increase the production of seafarers by 20%.

Since Lion requires a lot of upgrades and evolution, the Carpentry Mastery will help us save some of our costs by reducing the amount of wood and gold used.

Next is Sharpaxes and after that, we switch to the military tree and unlock Weaponsmith. Ost is the sixth upgrade which will make our next Sentry Camp upgrade free while increasing military experience gains by 15%.

Seventh is Marchfield which helps military upgrades unlock faster and have a higher chance to trigger. The military upgrade is deflect meaning that deflect will trigger more often on the battlefield.

Last but not least is Steel Work or you can also go for Feeling Safe, Steelwork will give you a 5% defence bonus for a camp located in a zone with an active Smithy. Going with this upgrade order, Steel Work will offer us 10% more defence to champions and also unlock recruitment.

Feeling Safe can also help recover troops quicker and since happiness isn’t a major issue with the Lion clan, get the blessing that provides each zone with more livability and then go for the one that offers a 20% food reduction.

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Lion Military Path Legions

  • Reduced cost of base units
  • Easy access to stone for camp upgrades
  • Must upgrade sentry camp at least once for gaining access to champions


Overall, Lion is a good and strong clan that offers unique mechanics to players. You will need to master the livability mechanic and have a very centralized economy if you want to get good with Lion.

You only need 5 or 6 tiles for Lion to thrive and the champions using deflect will emerge as the warrior killers. They can easily damage large armies of melee troops by doing multiple damages to units and dishing out even more damage to those attacking them with deflect.