Northgard: How To Play Lynx Clan

Published: 1 Aug 2022
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Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology where players can control a clan of Vikings to win control over a new continent.

This guide will tell you how to play the Lynx clan in the game.

Northgard: How To Play Lynx Clan

Lynx Clan Description

The Lynx clan has a three-star difficulty to learn and it’s different from the traditional clans as it is not meant for beginners new to the game. It has a two-star development and a lot of other clans outmatch its economy.

You also get a three-star military and it is one of the few clear clans available in the game. In case you are unaware, a clear clan can remove all the hostels from the neutral tiles with a minimum amount of resources.

After the new update, it has become better in the meta and can match almost any clan early or mid-game. Lynx has one star for support and they don’t benefit their teammates as far clearing tiles is concerned.

The archery range replaces the axe thrower camp which allows Lynx to buy their unique units: the trackers. You can also summon two Lynxes: Brunder and Kaelin from the archery range for 60 food and 40 gold or 40 food and 60 gold respectively.

Mieliki, the beast master is the war chief of the clan and she only costs 150 gold and zeroes iron but she is weaker than other chiefs in battle.

At 200 fame, you can unlock a lure and the mythical lure ability allows your war chief to place a lure that can attract a beast towards a zone in waves with each wave increasing in size after each cleared wave.

Lynx also has a reduced feast cost of 5% for each animal killed which maxes out at 50% after 200 fame. At 500 fame, we have Oscoria that grants for Mieliki to recall the strongest wave of mythical animals that the clan has killed. They come back in spirit form for one last rampage on earth.

Lynx’s Relic is called Glimpnir which allows you to place a trap in a non-enemy zone and can be activated on demand to reveal spikes that damage and slow the enemy as long as they are within it lasting for a duration of 30 seconds.

Lynx Build Order

1. Scout Camp

2. House

3. Wood Cutters Lodge

4. Archery Camp

5. Longship Dock or Trading Post

6. House

7. Mine for Iron

8. Hunters Lodge

9. Hunters Lodge

10. Forge/Upgrade woodcutters, sailors or merchants, hunters and trackers

11. Wood Cutters Lodge

12. Mine for Stone

13. Longship Dock or Trading Post

14. Healers Hut

First, you start with the Scout Camp and it’s important to find tiles with animals on them and be able to connect with your teammates whom you are clearing the tiles for. Once you reach a 5/6 population and have 50% of your next villager, you will want to build a house.

Next, you need to build the wood cutter’s lodge and an archery camp to summon your two Lynxes and start clearing. If you don’t have treasure and need gold then you should start constructing the Longship Dock.

Depending on your population, you will be required to build the 2nd House and with the first winter approaching, you will need to mine iron. Lynx has a special lure for hunters so you will need to construct the Hunters Lodge next and if you don’t have any deers then don’t worry as Mieliki can summon deers in two separate zones with a certain lure.

Once you have 150 gold, you should grab your war chief after the first winter and upgrade woodcutters, sailors, and hunters. You will also need to build a second wood cutter’s lodge and once the second winter comes, you should mine stone and build the 2nd longship dock.

If your war chief is low on health, you will need to construct a healer’s hut as you will need it eventually but can be held off until it’s absolutely necessary.

After the 2nd summer arrives, you will want to save enough wood and gold to prepare for war as well as your town hall, one longship dock and one house. Once you are safe enough then start constructing and upgrading your archery ranges.

Lynx Lore Order

1. Sharp Axes

2. Weaponsmith

3. Spoils of Plenty

4. Archery Mastery

5. Feeling Safe

6. Nimble Paws

7. The Wild Hunt

8. Recruitment

The first lore that you want is Sharpened Axes as it allows woodcutters to produce 20% more wood and the next is weaponsmith as it can increase all military units’ attack by 20% to help the Lynxes with early clearing.

Spoils of Plenty should be your next choice as it makes the hunters upgrade and reduces the time to half while allowing your war chief to place 2 standard lures to attract deer. Next is archery mastery which makes your first tracker always free and the archery range upgrade cost is reduced by 50%.

The Feeling Safe lore gives up +3 happiness from a war chief and +1 happiness from upgraded camps whereas Nimble Paws gives you 35% more health and a dodge move that negates all attacks while airborne.

Last but not least is recruitment as it gives 25% more population growth speed and increases recovery after losing units in battle.

Lynx Trophy Order/Military Path

1. Caring Siblings

2. Sibling Rivalry

3. The Great Hunt

4. The Wise One

5. Experienced Hunters

6. Double Shot

7. Fire Arrows

8. Sharp Eye

9. Wild Hunter

Trophies can be obtained from killing animals and once you kill two wolves, you can unlock your first perk and choose from the three. You will eventually get all three but the first one you should unlock is the Caring Siblings as it allows your Lynxes to heal each other in the same allied zone and gives one of them 20% more attack damage.

This way you don’t have to waste valuable resources on healing your Lynxes after each fight.

The perk you should unlock is Siblings Rivalry as it allows both Lynxes to boost food in your territory and gives the other Lynxes 40% more defense. Your third perk should be the Great Hunt as it allows you to get trophies from mythical creatures and you gain a 20% attack bonus against them.

If you don’t have a lot of animals around then you should consider getting this perk 2nd instead of 3rd but it won’t pose a problem during team games.

The next perk is The Wise One as it allows your war chief to produce +3 lore outside of combat while the Experienced Hunters perk gives you 3% attack power for each foil you kill and go up to 15% while lasting until the unit dies.

The last two important perks are Double Shot and Fire Arrows as both of them are great so make sure to obtain them. Double Shot allows trackers to shoot a 2nd arrow dealing 20% of the attack to a nearby target whereas Fire Arrows deal 50% more damage to buildings while targets have a chance to inflict burns which does 0.5 damage for 3 seconds. Don’t worry about getting Sharp Eye or Wild Hunter as they are not worth much in comparison to the other perks.

That’s everything you need to know about the Lynx clan in Northgard!