Northgard: How To Play Horse Clan

April 16, 2023
Master the Horse clan in Northgard by following this guide!

Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology where players can control a clan of Vikings to win control over a new continent. There are a total of six clans available in the game for players to choose from, each having its unique playstyle and strategies. The Horse clan is a DLC clan that players can purchase as an add-on for the game.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Horse Clan in Northgard.

How To Play Horse Clan

Features And Starting Bonuses

The Horse Clan or the Svadilfari is one of the paid clans available as an add-on for the game. The people of the Horse clan are strong and sturdy led by two siblings who are best known for their artisans and blacksmiths.

It has a 1-star learning difficulty, 2-star development, 2-star military and 1 star for support. The horse clan is best suited for beginners and they can be very intimidating with a strong economy in a large population. They have the ability to trade double the resources to their allies in a neutral faction.

As for the starting bonuses, the clan does not have access to mines, miners or smiths. There are two Warchiefs: Eitria and Brok who can be summoned from the Forge for 150 gold without the need for Iron.

These Warchiefs have the ability to build, repair, mine and forge 20% faster. Eitria gets a 30% extra bonus for builds and repairs whereas Brok has a 30% extra bonus for forges.

Horse Fame Bonuses

At 200 Fame, you have Craftsmen which allows Warchief to forge and mine 20% faster when in the same zone. Selling stone or iron will help you earn 20% more gold and neutral factions will accept stone and iron.

Your trading partners including neutral factions will receive double the number of resources. The Relic for Horse called the Dainsleif & Tyrfing will give your Warchief 20% more attack, defence and health while increasing their mining and forge speed by 20%.

At 500 Fame, you get the Legacy of the Earth which offers a zone with an active relic a 15% production bonus.2 stones and 2 iron deposits will spawn randomly inside your territory with all deposits accumulating 20 stones and 10 iron respectively.

Horse Build Order

Horse Build Order
1. Scout Camp
2. Longship Dock
3. House
4. Wood Cutters
5. Forge
6. Wood Cutters
7. House
8. Food Building
9. Food Silo
10. Longship Dock
11. Training Camp
12. Healers Hut
13. Scout Camp
14. House
15. Three or Four Mole Camps

First is the Scout Camp and next is the Longship Dock. You should try to get the dock running as soon as possible if you don’t have a treasure as it will allow you to recruit your Warchiefs.

This will cost around 300 gold with an extra 15 for the forge. Create a House on the main tile after you reach 5/6 population and you are at 50% to getting your next villager.

Next, build a Wood Cutter’s lodge but don’t place it on the main tile. After you obtain 60 pieces of wood and enough gold for the Warchief, construct a Forge.

Place a food building next preferably a Farmer’s Hunting Lodge and once your population is almost full, get another House but if you have some time left then go for another Wood Cutter’s Lodge.

You can place another food building if you are planning to feast but horses can usually survive with just one food building because of their Warchiefs who can mine, build and forge saving a lot of food. However, you must construct atleast one food silo.

Hopefully, you will need another beach as you need to create another Longship Dock but if you don’t have one then you will need to build a trading post instead. Next, you need to focus on the camps so you can upgrade your military units.

Next, build the Healer’s Hut but if you need healing sooner then you can choose to prioritise it first. After you scout the first five or six zones, destroy the scout camp and place it in a different zone without a specialized building.

This way, you don’t have to waste resources on an upkeep costs and you can wait to build your next scout camp until you are ready to upgrade it.

For the happiness bonuses, you will need another house that you receive from your lore and then construct three or more training camps to complete the order.

Since Horses is focused more on mining and building, you will have a lot of upgrades and reaching 200 fame can help a lot as it will give a boost to Warchiefs working in the same zone.

To get more fame, increase your population, colonize more tiles and upgrade buildings.

Horse Lore Order

Horse Lore Order
1. Excavation
2. Sharp Axes
3. Shipbuilding
4. Carpentry Mastery
5. Quality of Life
6. Weaponsmith
7. Fur Coats
8. Feeling Safe
9. Legendary Heroes

The first lore that you need to unlock is Excavation which will allow each War chief’s mine to produce 5 lore. Next is Sharpen Axes followed by Ship Building but if you only beach then go for Coinage.

The fourth lore is Carpentry Mastery followed by the first happiness lore called Quality of Life. This gives you one happiness per zone with an upgraded civilian building. Just like Dragon, you need to plan the buildings for each zone so every zone has a specialized building that you can upgrade later.

The next lore is the Weaponsmith followed by Fur Coats and Feeling Safe which will give you a large population boost from having upgraded camps. Last but not least is Legendary Heroes.

Horse Upgrade Order

Horse Upgrade Order
1. Mine 10 Iron
2. Upgrade Sailors
3. Upgrade Food Building Units
4. Mine Stone
5. Carpentry Mastery then upgrade Town Hall
6. Upgrade Scout Camp
7. Upgrade Longship Dock
8. Forge Relic with 10 Iron from Jord’s Blessing
9. Upgrade Primary Food Building
10. The rest of the stone goes to Military Camp Upgrades

Upgrading the Wood Cutter’s Lodge is optional but it is always better to have enough wood with those two Wood Cutter Lodges.

Horse Military Path

The recommended Military Path for Horse is leadership as you will get two bodyguards to protect your Warchiefs. This makes the Horse clan extremely tanky, especially in the early parts of the game.

After you get the relic and the legendary heroes, your Warchiefs will become very formidable. At 3000 Military experience, you will get 2 rallies instead of 1.

Legions do have the increased bonus from upgraded camps but it gets unlocked at 1500 military experience and it’s hard to reach before the first couple of battles where the bodyguards can come in handy.


Overall, Horse is a very formidable clan and the May 2022 update has changed the lore making it more viable to choose different lore paths. It is a very strong clan that scout and support the team with a large army.It can emerge has one of the free for all clans given how strong its economy can become in the late game.

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