Northgard: How To Play Goat Clan

April 16, 2023
Learn everything about the Clan of the Goats in Northgard!

Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology where players can control a clan of Vikings to win control over a new continent. There are a total of six clans available in the game for players to choose from, each having its unique playstyle and strategies. The Goat clan is one such clan having the ability to endure even in the toughest of climates.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Goat Clan

How To Play Goat Clan

Features and Starting Bonuses

The Clan of the Goats, also known as the Heidrun are known to survive in the harshest of environments and are experts at building their settlements. It has 1-star difficulty, 2-star development, 1-star military and 2 stars support.

It is an easy-to-use clan but rushing the Goat relic has its own set of difficulties. It is a strong clan that is decent at most things and one of the best clans for feasting.

For their starting bonuses, they start at 1 sheep and can build two Sheepfolds. These Sheepfolds can hold upto 2 sheep and produce food.

The wood consumption reduction effect is active for the sheepfolds and is active for the entire year for sheepfolds. Sheepfolds can be constructed on any tile and not necessarily on a food tile.

The second bonus is the increase in the production bonus of the feasts by 20% while the third bonus is a -20% penalty on all military experience. This means that you will gain military experience a bit slower in comparison to other clans

Goat Fame Bonuses

At 200 Fame is the Shepherd which will give you 2 free sheep. You can construct an additional Sheepfold and the food production will receive a boost of 10%.

At 500 Fame is Teamwork which offers 1 extra feast per year and all your units will regenerate during these feasts.

These free feasts can be used while your military is up to help you win battles and maintain a strong army. The Goat Relic called Eldhrumnir offers 20% more production from feasts while reducing the cost for feasts by 40%. You can also build additional sheepfolds resulting in a total of 4 sheepfolds.

If you are aiming for the relic then it’s important to start forging as soon as possible so you can use feasting at the earliest.

Goat Build Order

Goat Build Order
1. Sheep Fold
2. Scout Camp
3. House
4. Wood Cutters
5. Iron Mine
6. Sheep Fold
7. House
8. Longship Dock
9. Wood Cutters
10. Forge
11. Brewery
12. Stone Mine
13. Sheep Fold
14. Longship Dock
15. Sheep Fold
16. House
17. Stone Mine
18. House
19. Camps

For the build order, make sure to put a Sheep Fold and a Scout Camp right away. Add atleast one sheep to Sheep Fold and you will soon find more sheep around your main tiles or other tiles.

The least amount of sheep that you can start with is 3 and the most number of sheep available to you is 5. You will find more sheep on other tiles or you can borrow some from your teammates. Reaching 200 fame will also give you more sheep and the goal is to get 8 sheep eventually, 2 for each Sheep Fold.

Next, you need to build a House and Wood Cutters on your first colonized tile. If you have adequate Iron then you can build a training camp to clear yourself or wait for the clear.

One of the benefits of clearing yourself is you get to choose your military path early on allowing you to generate more military experience. After you get enough iron, construct an Iron Mine and if you have more than 2 sheep, build a second Sheep Fold.

Build another House and a Longship Dock, if you have enough treasure then the dock can be created later. Do note that it costs 10 Gold for the mine, 50 for the forge and 100 for the relic. You need to make sure that you have enough gold for the forge after the iron has been mined.

Since Goat requires a lot of wood, you will need to build a second Wood Cutter’s Lodge. Make sure that you have atleast 4 of them for each season. Next is the Forge which could be a higher priority depending on your spawn location.

Try to obtain enough Gold, Wood and Iron to correctly time to construct the Forge and then Forge the Relic. The ideal time would be before the first winter but even if you manage to get it running by the winter then it would be fine.

Next up is the Brewery which will boost your population from 16 to 20 and the extra population is crucial if you want to collect more resources. Build a Stone Mine after it and when you reach 200 Fame, get the third Sheep Fold and a fourth one after the relic.

In case you do not have 7 to 8 sheep till now, wait till the fourth Sheep Folds so you can have atleast one sheep to fill it. Follow the rest of the build order and you will be good to go.

Goat Lore Order

Goat Lore Order
1. Sharp Axes
2. Amenities
3. Mining Efficiency
4. Shipbuilding
5. Wool Trade
6. Weaponsmith
7. Fur Coats
8. Feeling safe
9. Military Strategy

Start with the Sharp Axes and go for Amenities next. This will help you develop zones at 50% less cost and Sheep Folds containing 2 sheep will periodically make a new sheep appear.

Make sure to unlock this lore as soon as possible because having more sheep you have, the fewer villagers you will need to gather food thus allowing you to feast more. If you have excess sheep then you give them to your teammates or use them for yourself to prevent starving and sustain large armies.

The Wool Trade lore allows sheep and sheepfolds to produce 0.5 gold each and sheep can be slaughtered to get 40 gold.

Goat Iron Upgrade Order

Goat Iron Upgrade Order
1. Relic
2. Sailors
3. Warriors
4. Warchief

The first 10 Iron will be used to upgrade the Relic and the next 5 to upgrade the sailors. After you get George’s Blessing, upgrade Warriors and the Warchief.

Goat Stone Upgrade Order

Goat Stone Upgrade Order
1. Town Hall
2. Longship Dock
3. Longship Dock
4. Alter of Kings
5. Training Camp
6. Training Camp
7. Training Camp

For the Stone upgrade order, first is the Town Hall then both of the Longship Docks using 30 stones.

Use the 15 stones from George’s Blessing to construct the Alter of Kings but do note that you will also need 300 pieces of wood and 300 pieces of gold for it

With the second stone, upgrade the 3 training camps and you might also need to save 5 stones for the Scout Camp just in case.

Goat Military Path

  • Watch Towers provide protection and eventually warband
  • 4 Militia to help protect against raids and neutrals

The best military path is the Guardian and the militia helps in preventing rushes while allowing you to create a buildup in feasts to extend the game.

Since Goat doesn’t have access to colonization, most of your food will be used in feasts which means getting more than 7 tiles can be difficult. Having the extra warband space from the Watch Tower makes it easy to organize tiles.


Overall, Goat is a very strong and powerful clan which makes them a good pick for any team. It is quite simple and productive while not requiring too much happiness. This makes the perfect clan for beginners looking to learn the ropes and mechanics of the game.

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