Noah’s Heart: Lama Locations

February 9, 2023
Time to slaughter some Llamas and grab those Lamb Chops!

Noah’s Heart is a massive multiplayer open-world adventure where players can explore different planets to complete various and fight against challenging enemies.

This guide will tell you how to eliminate the LLamas to collect tender lamb chops for the Quest of Delicacy Shop.

Noah’s Heart: Lama Locations

In this quest of Delicacy Shop encounter, you need to help Dara collect the ingredients for her new product which is roasted lamb chop with red wine and vanilla.

To find these lambs, you need to head over to this road between the Brocken Town and Monta Dam area in the Dlfinam Plain region.

You need to slaughter 5 Lambs roaming there and collect them in your inventory.

Now return back to Dara and give her these 5 lamb chops to complete the quest

That’s you have successfully completed the Quest of Delicacy Shop mission in the game!