No One Survived: Basic Base Building Tutorial

January 23, 2023
Let’s learn the basics of building a base in No One Survived.

No One Survived is a great third-person POV game that allows you to survive in the open world by collecting various valuable materials which can help you build different defense bases and protect yourself from incoming attacks.

In this guide, we will show you the basic base-building skills that you need for No One Survived.

Basic Base Building Tutorial

The most important starter tip for creating a base is to learn how you can make boards. Boards will be your main go-to material for all bases that you are going to create in the future.

To start making boards, you need to open your technology section and unlock the processing table. Once the processing table has been unlocked, you will be able to unlock the boards which are needed for creating a base.

To make boards, you will need to have previously chopped down a tree. Get as many logs as you can and go to the processing table to start making planks.

Your next step is to start making a schematic of how your base is supposed to look. You can simply get your hammer and start placing schematics of things you like about your base.

Most of the starter bases will be made out of wood. Place down your wooden walls and hover over each schematic wall to see the required items you need for the wall to be created.

And once you’ve added all of the required items for that one wall, it will automatically be created where the schematic is placed. Repeat this process for as many walls as you like until you’ve built a secured base.

Do note that as you progress through the game you will unlock more and higher-quality materials which can help you tighten that base and make it even more secure.

We hope this guide helped you learn the basics and how you can build a base in No One Survived!