No Man’s Sky 2022: Ultimate Beginners Guide

April 20, 2022
Learn how to perfectly start your world in No Man’s Sky 2022!

No Man’s Sky is an interesting fantasy survival game that allows the player to roam around a planet filled with interesting and unique creatures, lands, and even sometimes meet up with foes that need to be dealt with. Knowing how to perfectly start the game, and getting the hang of the best tips and tricks will surely help you out go through things easier and make the game more fun.

This ultimate beginner guide will show you all you need to know about No Man’s Sky in 2022.

No Man’s Sky 2022: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Essential Items & Tips and Tricks

The priority for this game is to repair your scanner. This scanner will help you find survival resources much quicker, without it, the chances of dying are big.

You need Ferrite Dust to repair the scanner. This ore is commonly found in the rocks that are around the area.

Once the scanner has been fixed, sodium is the essential item that you need to find as fast as possible. The Sodium protects you and gives you hazard protection. Without it, you will die.

Also, make sure to use the scanner to find Oxygen Rich Plants. This is also an essential item that will keep you alive throughout the game.

A quick tip to get around your world and explore areas much quicker is to perform a melee boost. This is done simply by running and pressing your melee button. It will send your character flying.

At the beginning of the game, you will roam around the planet a lot and find red and yellow containers. Loot these because you may find some great stuff that will help you in the future.

The next step that you want to do is repair your Analysis Visor. This item will only require one Carbon Nanotube to be crafted. And once you have it, scan everything you can to get free extra units at the beginning of the game.

As you roam around the planet, you will come across Carbon Crystals. These red spiky crystals will come in handy when you will begin to fuel machines in the future.

Preparing for the Next Planet

Building a base on the planet that you are on is important to protect yourself from hazardous storms and regenerate your oxygen without spending many materials.

When a storm occurs, you can always just get in your ship that you get at the start of the game to keep yourself safe.

Build a portable Refiner machine. This machine will process raw materials into usable products and substances. A very useful machine that will help you with many survival tactics.

Once you’ve collected all the essential materials and you have repaired your ship, grab your portable refiner and move on to the next planet.

As you fly in space, you can shoot down asteroids that will give you gold, silver, and different other resources.

The important item that you get from the asteroids is titanium, you can use titanium to recharge your engines.

Once you get to the next planet, you will have chances to encounter enemies that may try and attack you, it is not advised to go against them and try to get a kill.

Saving Points

When you fly around the planets, you will get to some saving points which will save the progress of the game, and give you a chance to recover if you failed on something.

Make sure to save your game before logging off from the game.

Build a Terrain Manipulator that will help you dig holes in the ground easily and quickly. This is a great way to begin collecting a ton of resources for your ship, base, and yourself.

An important item that you can obtain by farming with the Terrain Manipulator, is the Salvaged Data items. The Salvaged Data will help you get a lot of blueprints for future builds.

Building a Base

Collect materials for building a Base Computer and find a good area to begin building your base. You can build your base anywhere, but the best way to be as efficient as possible is to fly your ship and find a trading outpost.

When you’ve found a trading outpost, place your Base Computer there and begin building the base.

Once you’ve claimed the land, simply begin building the base however you like.

Once you finish constructing your base, you will unlock the Construction Research Unit.

This item will help you obtain much more blueprints with the help of the Salvaged Data.

The two most important things to unlock for the game are:

  • Base Teleport Module
  • Biofuel Reactor

Once you’ve built your base, take a cool photo of it and the “New Beginning will start”.

The game will then be able to give you the ability to travel to the space station. Inside the Space Station, you will find a lot of useful NPCs that can give you missions and trade items with you.

You can also use the vendors to upgrade your equipment by giving them materials that you can harvest around the planets.

From here you have set up the basics for the game and you are ready to continue your adventure. You can continue by continuously upgrading your equipment and base, and complete various achievements.