Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: Ultimate Class & Skills Guide

Published: 26 May 2022
Check out the Ultimate Class & Skills Guide for Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds!

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is a new Japanese MMORPG where you and your familiars are exploring the wonderful world and completing different missions. Regarding classes, there are five different characters in Ni No Kuni and each of them is gender locked, meaning you can’t change how they look too much. Since this is a mobile MMORPG, it means you will have to be dedicated to your character to see long-term growth.

In this guide, we will show you the Ultimate Class & Skills in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds!

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: Ultimate Class & Skills Guide

It is highly recommended to choose your class based on your preference whether it’s visual or gameplay as you will not have an opportunity to reroll later or use other classes efficiently since you won’t have enough resources even if you spend enormous amounts of money.

You will play the same character most of the time and use their three base class abilities and have to choose the one you feel most comfortable with.


Rogue is the support DPS type character. They excel at supporting their team with damage buffs while being extremely mobile and annoying from afar dealing damage. Rogue is a bow user and they are a typical hunter type class, kiting, running away while stunning, slowing enemies, and buffing their team.

Their three core class abilities are Rain of Arrows, Multi Shot, and Evasion Shot, and the Ultimate Ability.

  1. Rain of Arrows – is your usual AOE ability dealing damage in a circle while also slowing enemies inside by a great amount.
  • Multi-Shot – is one of their most important damaging ability as it deals damage in a cone in front of the Rogue while pushing back enemies and slowing them. It’s incredibly important since it’s defense ability and one of the coolest utility Rogue has.
  • Evasion Shot – is your emergency exit dealing damage in front of you and leaping back to avoid damage.
  • Spirit Arrow – This is the ultimate ability of Rogue. You summon a giant spirit behind you that deals massive damage in a line in front that is increased by 100% against monsters.

Optional Class Skills:

  1. Blazing Heart – It’s a most important buff of Rogue giving 7.5 attack power to the whole party at level 1 for 15 seconds. This is the main damage buff and leveling this skill up will increase its effects.
  • Solar Flare – This is another fantastic crowd control that deals light damage in a circle slowing enemies, but upon the skill’s end it explodes and stuns everyone caught in it for 3 seconds.
  • Twisted Arrow – A dark ability similar to Solar Flare that suppresses enemies caught and they cannot move making it very powerful with combos.
  • Showtime – It gives a massive stat boost to the strongest offensive power in the party. This is another great support utility you can give at a party or a Witch for example but in solo, it will always work on you too.
  • Overcharge – It boosts the ultimate gauge build-up for the whole party and their attack speed. Everyone will be able to use their ultimate abilities sooner.


Destroyer is a hammer user and defense-oriented character. They are by far the tankiest character in the game as you’ll see with their abilities while also hitting like a truck. They are slow and bulky and it’s tricky to trap your enemies, but their damage is really good once you manage to get close.

To counter their weaknesses they have multiple shielding and self-healing abilities and almost all their abilities slow others.

Their three core abilities are Full Swing, Brutal Strike, Ground Slam, and Hammer of Fury, their ultimate ability.

  1. Full Swing – this is a spin-to-win move dealing massive damage to everyone caught in its radius. It’s extremely powerful if enemies are slowed.
  • Brutal Strike – it’s a crowd control ability that swings your hammer forward knocking down enemies and dealing increased damage if they are caught.
  • Ground Slam – a leap attack in their gap closer, perfectly synergizing with their weaknesses as everyone caught in this massive leap, they will be slowed down by 20% for 3 seconds.
  • Hammer of Fury – this is their ultimate ability that summons a giant hammer doing massive damage like all the other ultimate abilities

Optional Class Skills:

  1. Frost Shield – This is where destroyers’ tankines show. He surrounds himself with a barrier that gives him a 15% of their maximum health, that when destroyed explodes with frost damage and slows enemies caught around.
  • War Cry – full tank ability that deals fire damage around the destroyer but also taunts everything for 3 seconds causing them to auto attack the destroyer. For the duration of the stun, he takes 25% less damage from basic attacks
  • Gravity Power – this is a good element ability and designed exactly to prevent others from escaping the destroyer. This ability will damage everyone caught and pulls them back towards the destroyer while also slowing their movement speed.
  • Thunder God’s Wrath – a supporting ability that increases your whole team’s auto attack by 15%, but also causes random lightning to strike from the sky stunning any unfortunate soul caught within it for 1 second.
  • Unwavering Heart – summon a massive shield around the destroyer reducing all damage taken by 15% for 8 seconds.


They are the pure damage class, the glass cannon type character focusing purely on dealing damage. They use a spear with the power of telekinesis to attack and inflict various kinds of debuffs on enemies. They have great mobility and damage but are very selfish.

Their three core abilities are Piercing Storm, Dancing Spear, Storm Spear, and Rain of Spears the ultimate ability.

  1. Piercing Storm – a damaging ability in a line that also knocks down enemies for 1.5 seconds.
  • Dancing Spear – a cool channeling ability where Witch spins around damaging enemies in AOE and gains a 10% damage reduction.
  • Storm Spear – another AOE spin attack, but it also slows enemies caught by 20%
  • Rain of Spears – The Witch’s ultimate ability where each spear raining from the sky dels 80% power damage to everyone caught. It also deals 100% more damage against monsters.

Optional Class Skills:

  1. Flame Strike – a fire damage ability that reduces enemies’ defenses by 15% and healing taken by 20%.
  • Crystal Wave – normal AOE water ability but with a twist it also stuns.
  • Deadly Strike – a dark damaging class ability and another great debuff increasing enemy damage taken by 12.5%
  • Blink – their first defensive move. It’s a normal blink teleporting you forward and gives you a 1.5 seconds invulnerability window. On top of it, for 5 seconds you can decide to teleport back to your starting destination.
  • Twilight Nova – a second support ability. You unleash a burst of light energy and you get healed for each enemy caught in its waves.


Engineers are the gun users in Ni No Kuni and also the main support and healer class. While they are healers do not underestimate or think they play like a normal MMORPG healer. All classes in this game are still damage oriented. They are very strong but squishy. They have to stay on the back to survive, especially with their long cooldowns.

They have several powerful healing abilities and are the only class that can revive party members. Their support include cooldown reductions and silencing enemies.

Their three core abilities are Burst Coil, Elemental Blast, Explosive Bullet, and Artillery Strike the ultimate ability.

  1. Burst Coil – a round AOE similar to Rogue’s Reign of Arrows but burst coil stuns enemies caught for one second instead.
  • Elemental Blast – this is a straight line AOE that deals damage and slows enemies down providing a bit of utility to escape them.
  • Explosive Bullet – you fire a shot forward that explodes on your target dealing damage to everyone around them in a burst.
  • Artillery Strike – This is their ultimate ability. It’s an artillery strike calling down two giant cannons dealing massive damage to all enemies in front of the engineer.

Optional Class Skills:

  1. Flash Heal – a quick emergency heal for the whole party healing them for 7.5% of their maximum health, also it gives a boost to the lowest party member, giving them almost double healing and defense buff.
  • Jammer Pulse – an offensive support ability. It summons a gadget that deals dark damage to the enemy squad and also silences them. Silence is very powerful since it disables all active ability use of enemies.
  • Resurrection – This is the one and only way to resurrect dead party members. It heals the whole party for a large amount of health and also revives your dead party members while giving cooldown reduction to them.
  • Time Leap – support ability and specialty of engineer. You use the power of time to reduce everyone’s base ability cooldowns by 30 seconds and increase their skill damage along with it.
  • Healing Tree – healing over time ability giving all party members in range 2.5% health every second.


Swordman is a hybrid class. They split their specialties into damage, supporting, defense, and healing. Basically, a jack of all trades but a master of none.

They are the sword users so they have to stay melee but they have a wide range of abilities you can customize to focus on damage, tanking, or supporting your team with various buffs and debuffs. Swordman is excellent choice for players who’d like to have a good variety of gameplay to choose from.

Their three core abilities are Flash, Flying Slash, Spinning Swords, and Magic Sword Cut the ultimate ability.

  1. Flash – a flurry of attacks around the swordman dealing damage and also inflicting slow to enemies caught.
  • Flying Slash – another close range attack applying additional movement slowing to enemies.
  • Spinning Swords – a swordsman’s gap closer. It damages everyone caught in a line in front of him while also knocking them down for 1.5 seconds.
  • Magic Sword Cut – This is their ultimate ability. It’s crushing down on enemies dealing massive damage with increased damage against monsters.

Optional Class Skills:

  1. Fire of Life – a team support ability that increases everyone’s maximum health and heals them or gives them a barrier if they’re already full health.
  • Arcane Barrier – it places down a barrier around a swordman that reduces all damage taken for party members inside by 20% and inflicts blindness on enemies inside making them iss more often.
  • Guardian Sanctuary – a full support skill applying damage, attack speed and movement speed, and defense buff on all your allies.
  • Blade Spirit Release – it drowns the swordman’s blade and light making it the light attribute damage and increasing your attack speed. It also boosts your other elements damage a bit, but it’s mostly used for its light damage since elements matter a lot.
  • Siphon Blade – deals dark damage to enemies in front of you and knock them down for 2 seconds.