Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: How to Get 4 Stars Weapon & Equipment Guide

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds is an MMORPG where you and your companions can gather along and complete different missions and side missions. Completing missions in this game will help you obtain various rewards and character upgrades. As you continue following the story mission, you will eventually end up getting to the end of the story and finish the game. Merchants in this game are important as they can give out materials that will help your character.

This guide will show you how you can farm 4 star equipment in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds!

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: How to Get 4 Stars Weapon & Equipment Guide

To begin your journey, you will need to go to Evermore and search for the Equipment Crafter called Tumba.

Simply open up your map, find his name and press “Move”. When you press move, your character will automatically move to the NPC if they are in the right zone.

Tumba will allow you to craft your weapons and armor if you use Crystals and Recipes, and also use Purified Essence.

The first thing you need for this method is armor recipes. The armor recipes can be farmed by killing monsters and completing various objectives. Simply press on the item and it will show you all the available methods of obtaining it. Simply press “Move” and head over to the location.

Simply press the “Source” button on all different materials to see where you can farm them, and a good thing to know about these materials is that they can all be farmed at one location, simply check to see if all 3 different recipes have the same farming area.

You just need to hope that a 4-star weapon or equipment will drop so that you can use it. This method has proven to be one of the easiest methods in obtaining 4-star weapons and equipment in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds.

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