Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Gold Farming Tips

Published: 26 May 2022
Check out this guide on how to farm gold in Ni no Kuni!

In Ni no Kuni you need a steady income of gold. Gold is the F2P currency of the game that can be farmed in a couple of ways, some players don’t really know how to farm gold very and are looking for help from the active community of the game. Our aim of this guide is to help players with tips on how to farm gold.

So, stick around to find out!

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Gold Farming Tips

Gold is your friend in this game so it would make a lot of sense why to have enough of it, but you don’t want to break the bank so here are some ways that you could farm gold in order not to spend money on diamonds.

Monster Drops

The first and most obvious way to farm gold is by fighting monsters that spawn on the map, fighting them will give you gold as well as other loot drops.

Once you receive the item drops you should be able to select them and sell them for a variable price. Some items cost more than others. We recommend that you farm monsters that take 1 to 4 hits to eliminate in order to get more drops quickly.

Active Drop Rate Buff

Sometimes farming monster drops can be a pain, so in order to eliminate this pain it is good to use an Active Drop Rate Buff which increases the chance of a valuable drop.


It comes as no surprise that challenges bring a lot of gold, especially the boss challenges. When defeating a boss and/ or challenge you will receive a set amount of gold and other rare drops that you can either use or sell.

Daily activities and quests

In Ni no Kuni you receive daily activities and quests that you must complete for bonuses. Bonuses such as gold, eggs, item drops and sometimes even diamonds. We recommend that you stay to higher level quests in order to receive a bigger payment.


Achievements play a huge part in the progression of this game, so it would also make sense that they would pay a lot when completed. Occasionally check your achievements tab in order to see what you can do in the game to gain more gold.

These are all the ways to farm gold.

Have fun farming!