Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Familiar Tier List

Published: 25 May 2022
Check out the Familiar Tier List in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds!

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is a new role-playing game where the player is a beta tester for a virtual reality fantasy game. You can choose your own class and have access to a fully customizable main character. The game is a combination of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom where players are playing with their own weapons and carry three familiars who support them.

In this guide, we will show you the Familiar Tier List in Ni No Kuni: Cros Worlds!

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Familiar Tier List

Similarly like with the character tier list, there are a few around for familiars too but most of them are the current up-to-date tier list from Korea or Japan, and like 60% of those familiars will not be available for the rest on launch. This tier list is based on what is known from the Asian launch and the familiars that are at least confirmed through the sponsored global streams.

Since 4 star familiars and the super rare background familiars are the most important to long term progression, we will talk about them, especially as 2 and 3 star familiars are technically just weaker versions most of the time.

There are several ways to measure familiar strength. This tier list is based on long-term progression and worth. Some familiars might be a bit stronger on launch, but there will be a few exceptional familiars which will stay relevant and even get more powerful as new familiars will be introduced in the game and will combo amazingly with them.

Fire Familiars

  • Mite – a standard 4 star DPS familiar with powerful attacking ability and passive that also increases all fire damage for your character and familiars. What makes Mite exceptional is his burn debuff that his ability will 100% apply to enemies. He combos with the upcoming Kona dragon making them top-tier familiar combo.
  • Shrimpaler – He is a temporary but decent healer familiar for the fire element and his passive reduces all fire familiar cooldowns while also increasing their damage.
  • Lahva – Top tier that is incredible in both PVE and PVP even completely unawakened on level 1. As his special ability gives him immortality for 2.5 seconds. When the immortality ends, he immediately gets healed back by 7.5% of his health.

Water Familiars

  • Sea Drake – Powerful attacker and he gets a stacking power buff for each water familiar in your team. What makes him top tier on the other hand is his special ability that can silence enemies for up to 3 seconds in both PVE and PVP disabling others from using abilities.
  • Splisher – A temporary healer similarly to Shrimpale, but one of the upcoming familiars is Sephia and there will be a better healer option here.
  • Plessie – What makes him so powerful is their water damage boost, and their active ability to inflict freeze debuff on the enemy. Exactly like Mite, it’s a water version of them, it will increase water damage on the enemy and will also combo with a future incoming attack familiar.

Wood Familiars

  • Sui – an amazing tank familiar with both a passive and an active damage reduction skill. With the latter reducing your damage taken by at least 12% for 7 seconds making it a great choice for tanks or if you need more survivability while also giving increased resistance against several status effects.
  • Oroboros – Only powerful attacker in the earth element that makes him top tier since there’s no one else you can use for attacking.
  • Disbeleaf – A healer wood element but since generally the wood familiars are quite weak on launch., this belief is actually a core familiar worth taking and they also have a valuable dispel against the freeze debuff.

Dark Familiars

  • Sling – Top tier PVP familiar. They give flat increased damage against other players up to 7% and they deal damage based on maximum health percent.
  • Hobgoblin – A powerful familiar, especially for classes that focus on critical strikes such as the Witch. Hobgoblin reduces enemy critical resistances by 10%.
  • Penguicorn – Temporary familiar for dark healing just like the other healers specializing in certain status healing and cooldown reduction while giving a bit of critical damage increase.
  • Kokou – A tank familiar and you might get him from an in-game login banner. He is not bad, he specializes in reducing damage taken from boss enemies and enraged boss enemies.
  • Dinocerus – Status effect attacking familiar for the dark element. He is strong and causes the erosion debuff that will combo with a powerful upcoming PVP familiar that is a top tier PVP pad.
  • Rimu – Another fantastic PVP pad that reduces incoming damage from enemy players and disables their familiars. Definitely top tier PVP familiar.

Light Familiars

  • Bunnybot – A powerful hybrid familiar. They give a health barrier while also giving valuable status resistances and they increase damage against stunned enemies.
  • Flutterby – A powerful utility familiar that can give a 20% movement speed buff and an additional boost to dodging and evasion. It is a great choice for characters that can utilize at movement speed.
  • Sparkee – Top tier simply because he has a stun and flash status effect inflicting active ability. The stun alone would make them powerful, but the earlier mentioned upcoming cat familiar will also deal increased damage against enemies under the flesh status effect.
  • Crab – Fantastic choice of a familiar for engineers. They give brief invulnerability to nullify damage on command, but they also boost the effectiveness of your potions and all your healing abilities.
  • Thumbelemur – A generic healing option for light element, healing and removing the erosion debuff