Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Best Class List (PVE and PVP builds)

Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds is an MMORPG where you and your companions can gather along and complete different missions and side missions. Completing missions in this game will help you obtain various rewards and character upgrades. As you continue following the story mission, you will eventually end up getting to the end of the story and finish the game. Merchants in this game are important as they can give out materials that will help your character.

This guide will show you the best classes to pick for PVP and PVE in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: Best Class List (PVE and PVP builds)


This is a damage role character that can get up close and personal to inflict damage, penetrate enemies, and defeat them in battles.

The Swordsman is the classic class that has the potential to be the best in everything. This class has classic abilities, they are:

  • Flash – Gives enemies a slow effect.
  • Flying Slash – Swordsman performs a jumping attack and deals damage.
  • Spinning Swords – The Swordsman spins around and forms a circle around him that does damage.
  • Magical Sword Cut (Ultimate Ability) – The Swordsman makes a giant cut against enemies and inflicts a ton of damage.


The Witch is magic damage dealing class that can inflict de-buffs and damaging abilities from mid-range or short distance.

The Witch is based on inflicting de-buffs and attaching constant damage-dealing abilities on enemies that will kill them over time.

Here are all the abilities that the witch class uses:

  • Piercing Storm – Knocks down enemies and deals damage with a spear.
  • Dancing Spear – Leaps in the air and performs a spinning attack which also buffs the witch.
  • Storm Spear – The Witch spins her spear around, damaging enemies and slowing them.
  • Rain of Spears (Ultimate Ability) – The Witch calls upon spears to rain down from the sky and kill enemies.


The Rogue is a long-range damage dealer who uses a bow and arrow to damage enemies from afar and grants buff effects to his allies.

This long-distanced damage dealing class has one of the best DPS potentials amongst all classes, he lacks in defense, but also has great mobility.

The Rogue has the following abilities, they are:

  • Rain of Arrows – The Rogue unleashes a powerful attack of arrows that deal damage.
  • Multi-Shot – This ability pushes enemies away and deals extra damage.
  • Evasion Shot – The Rogue shoots forward in a straight line and leaps back as he shoots. This ability also pushes other enemies away from him.
  • Spirit Arrow (Ultimate Ability) – The Rogue summons a great spirit that fires an arrow and deals insane damage, monsters also gain extra increased damage.


The engineer is one of the most interesting and fun-to-play class amongst all classes, it is not the best at damage dealing or survivability, but it has great and interesting abilities that will surely pack a punch and help allies.

This class is recommended to be played with a group, it does not perform well in solo fights.

Here are all the skills that the Engineer has to offer:

  • Burst Coil – Calls down shots from the air which deal damage to opponents. These shots also do a 1-second stun in a radius.
  • Elemental Blast – Casts the weapon shot in a straight line, deals damage, and slows down enemies that hit.
  • Explosive Bullet – Shoots an explosive bullet in a straight line that does AOE damage.
  • Artillery Strike (Ultimate Ability) – The Engineer summons 2 cannons that cause damage to opponents, and buffs all monsters to have increased damage.


The Destroyer is the tanking class of the game. This class has low mobility, high damage and a ton of health and defensive abilities. This class tires to use crowd control as much as possible with its hammer.

A great front-line fighter that will allow teammates who are in the back-line to deal more damage as well as buffing them during each fight.

Here are all the abilities that the Destroyer will bring to the battlefield, they are:

  • Full Swing – The Destroyer spins and deals damage
  • Brutal Strike – The Destroyer swings his hammer, dealing great damage and knocks down enemies for 1.5 seconds.
  • Ground Slam – The Destroyer leaps in the air and launches towards enemies, the slam deals damage and slows enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Hammer of Fury (Ultimate Ability) – The Destroyer summons a giant hammer from the sky that will hit enemies and deal AOE damage.
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