Ni No Kuni Cross World: Equipment Guide (Rare & Normal)

Published: 26 May 2022
Check out the Equipment Guide (Rare & Normal) for Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds!

Playing through the story of Ni No Kuni, players will be able to explore the amazing world filled with so many mysterious places and defeat the monsters together with your familiars to obtain some unique items and complete the amazing quests from the story. Once you progress through the story, the major upgrade that is needed to keep forward is the equipment of your character. There are tons of various equipment that will make your character better than the others.

In this guide, we will show you the Equipment in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds!

Ni No Kuni Cross World: Equipment Guide (Rare & Normal)

Equipment Gacha

Equipment is one of the dominant when it comes to determining your accounts and your character’s power. They are acquired through either Gacha summoning or crafting.

Summoning is done using free in-game tickets the game will reward you with quite often or premium currency called diamonds. There are 60% to get a 2-star, 36% for a 3-star, and 4% chance to get 4-star equipment.

Unfortunately, equipment Gacha is combined, meaning armor and weapons are in the same category. There are a lot of items in the pool and going for duplicates is going to be hard, even though there’s only one super rare version of each elemental weapon, and there are two pieces of armor for each slot.

The boxes in the equipment gotcha are gold that reward 3-stars, and silver boxes that reward 2-star items.

While the rates are pretty low, one positive side they can think of based on the 11 months that the Asian client has been out is that the rare items you can get on day one are still exactly as good a year later. There is no gacha power creep as they call it that lowers the value of anything you win.


There’s also a free-to-play in-game method which is crafting. This method is allowing you to choose what you’d like to craft specifically, dividing weapons, armor, and accessories.

Crafting them costs a combination of tickets and materials the former rewarded from quests and daily rewards while the latter mostly farmed from killing monsters. This way you will be able to craft a healthy amount of equipment even though it’s randomized, and this is the main source of weapons and armor for free-to-play or low spending players.

After crafting down 200 items, you’ll be guaranteed 4-star equipment in each category separately, which has a massive significance as this gives hope for free-to-play players to maximize their 4-star equipment.

Equipment Basics

Cross Worlds uses a generic elemental system that’s easy to understand, and all you need to know about it is that if you use the right element, your weapon deals plus 50% damage, and if you use the not neutral but opposing element, you deal minus 50% damage.

This alone will make it that you always want to use the right elemental weapon, and just using one weapon even if it’s very powerful, it’s not a very good idea.

Both armors and weapons will have stats on them and the good news is that they are fixed. No random nonsense on top of the Gacha you have to worry about at launch. On top of stats, all of the equipment also has passive abilities that you unlock upon awakening them or using duplicates in simple terms.

On the same milestones that you unlock their collectible rewards in your codex, you can unlock additional passive abilities with a maximum of 3.


The three categories of weapon, armor, and accessories will also be divided into three types of upgrade materials. You can level up all equipment from level 1 to 30 using leveling materials exclusive to the equipment type or other similar items.

Similarly like at familiars, you do get a bonus for upgrading weapons with the same elemental materials.


Once the items are level 30, they become eligible for boosting which is a process of raising the star rarity by one. Resetting their level back to the start allows you to further level the weapon to a maximum of 6 stars.

While everything can reach a 6-star level 30, items that start with a higher rarity do have better base stats and abilities on them.


Strengthening is a simpler process than familiars. You can spend the special elemental pins on equipment to strengthen them to a maximum of plus 30 to increase their base stats.

For accessories and armor is just a single material, but for weapons there’s a different type for each element and you’ll have rainbow pins that can be used universally on all weapons.

Unlike leveling, this process starts at 100% chance, the more you try to strengthen single equipment the less of a chance you’ll have to succeed. Eventually, really high-level equipment will be pretty difficult to strengthen further making it one of your long-term goals.

The good thing is that strengthening can be transferred between the same type of items. If you find a better item you can transfer all your strengthening, but it will destroy the original item in the process.


Awakening is the duplicate mechanic in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds. Upon obtaining copies of the same items you’ll be able to merge them to upgrade a single version of the equipment, similarly like strengthening this process starts at 100%.

But as you increase the awakening level of the item all the way up to a maximum of plus 10, this chance will massively drop requiring you to use multiple copies of the same item at once to increase your chances of awakening them.

Awakening will be one of the prime features that will determine what items you will want to concentrate on upgrading and using as your main equipment to be able to reach their maximum efficiency.


Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds has a massive in-game codex that rewards you for technically anything you acquire including upgrades on items. These rewards can be a tiny bit of power from 50 to 100, but when combined they’ll form a large chunk of your account power, especially useful when leveling your alts.

For this reason, one of your goals is to max out your collections, unfortunately, using any equipment as a father leveling material or destroying any of them. You will need to first evolve them all up to plus 10 and also level them all up to 6 stars eventually to unlock their maximum codex entry.