NHL 23: Where Is Rostislav Nasherov?

NHL 23 is a fun new installment to the long running NHL series of games. A long standing tradition of these games is that players get to name and create their own player. A popular player in the NHL space named Nasher created his own character named Rostislav Nasherov, but he hasn’t been spotted in a while.

Find out where Rostislav Nasherov went down below.

Where Is Rostislav Nasherov? – NHL 23

Rostislav Nasherov was the player avatar of a player known as Nasher. Rostislav Nasherov, affectionately called Rusty, was last seen in Nasher’s “Be a Pro” NHL 22 series of videos.

Despite joining the Seattle Krakens and having a good run, they unfortunately fell short in the Stanley Cup playoffs and were unable to win. And so Rostislav retired in NHL 22 with a loss.

With the release of NHL 23, Nasher is bringing Rostislav Nasherov back, however his career hasn’t started yet. In his latest video, Nasher asks fans what to do this year with NHL 23.

He asks fans whether he should be a defender or goalie or should he do multiple seasons. Rusty is sure to return in future videos in full force.

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