NHL 23: How To Relentless Shot/Pass

October 18, 2022
Weave through your enemies defenses in NHL 23!

NHL 23 is a sports simulation game developed by EA where players get to play ice hockey with their favorite hockey teams. It is the latest installment of the long running NHL video game, recently releasing this October 14 for Playstation and Xbox consoles. In hockey, you will have all of the maneuvers you have in your arsenal to win, such as the relentless shot. The relentless shot leaves goalies in vulnerable positions, allowing you to hit the puck into the goal if you are quick enough.

Here is how to do the relentless shot/pass in NHL 23!

How To Relentless Shot/Pass – NHL 23

To perform the Relentless Shot, you can aim low at the goalie and make the puck bounce off of them. Once that happens, you can double tap “Up” on your analog stick.

Your character will dive towards the puck and hit it for a clean rebound shot into the goal.

It is recommended to have the Relentless ability before trying these maneuvers out as it will make it easier to execute them. It is still possible to do it without the ability albeit significantly harder to do so.

To have the Relentless ability, you will need at least 82 points in Puck Control and 75 points in Balance.

Accuracy is still important in execution as you still need to aim where you want the puck to go. Furthermore, timing is also a great factor as you want the puck to rebound from the goalie so that they’re not in a position to defend from your follow up shot.

This maneuver will take some time and practice, but once you master it will up your game and make you a force to be reckoned with on the hockey field.