New World: Verdant Restoration Quest Guide

November 17, 2022
Complete the ancient puzzle of Mirador Shrine.

Nessa Harrower, a local druid of Mirador, asks for your help in restoring some balance to the surrounding area. She thinks that restoring a Verdant Gemstone at the Mirador Shrine will help alleviate some of the damage being done to the environment.

You will have to fight your way through some undead to reach the top of Mirador Shrine and solve the puzzle at the top. Here is a guide on the Verdant Restoration quest in New World.

Verdant Restoration Quest Guide – New World

The Druid Acolyte Nessa Harrower will ask for your help.  You will have to go to the Mirador Shrine to the east at the top of some hills and restore the Verdant Gemstone found there.

She claims that it may lead to improving the situation of the flora and fauna around them.

On your way up, you will have to fight and defeat the undead that are found surrounding the shrine.

These are skeletal undead that range from Mirador Defenders to Mirador Sentinels.

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You can climb some pillars and jump your way up to the room at the top that holds the Verdant Gemstone.

Interact with the altar to place the Verdant Gemstone onto it. This will activate the puzzle.

The symbols for the puzzle are the ones that look like an X, a P and a trident.

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, head down the hill and return to Druid Acolyte Nessa and Grace O’Malley.

Nessa will thank you for your efforts and talking to Grace will end the quest and give you your rewards.