New World: The Pirate Problem Quest Guide

November 16, 2022
Put an end to the problem – the pirate kind of problem!

The main story quest ‘The Pirate Problem’ involves you dealing with the Buccaneer Creek Pirates. As the quest’s name directly implies, the town is having some problems with these pirates and it’s up to you to put an end to it once and for all. After giving you some tips, Leovix Silva, Windsward’s Guard Commander, sets you off alone to deal with the ‘problem.’

The Pirate Problem Quest Guide – New World

The main story quest can be activated by talking to Leovix Silva in the town’s tavern.

After accepting the quest, you should see a quest marker on your map pointing to where you should go next. This is the Buccaneer Creek.

If you have already made your way there before activating the quest, you can just fast-travel to the nearest point to the quest marker.

There, you should see the lovable pirate Grace O’Malley. Talk to her to get the next objective of the quest.

Your quest marker should update once again. Go to the area it is pointing and your objective should be updated.

You will now have to smash 5 crates to reclaim Stolen Tribute, collect 5 Pirate Treasure for Grace, and read ‘Offer from the Speaker.’ All these will have their quest markers so they shouldn’t be hard to find.

Just tick off one quest marker after the other. Take note that there are also enemies around the area, but they shouldn’t be that much of a problem for you.

Wreak havoc on the pirate camp there and go from one objective to the next.

The ‘Offer from the Speaker’ note can be found on the second floor of one of the camp structures and guarded by a Keelsnap Berserker. Interact with it.

After completing all the objectives, go back to Grace O’Malley. Talk to her to finish the quest and report your findings.

Finishing ‘The Pirate Problem’ main story quest should reward you with the Buccaneer’s Rapier, 2,050 exp, 42 gold, and many more.

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