New World Rarest Items, Materials Weapons & Armors

January 25, 2022
The New World has weapons and items sorted by various rarity systems. As we are used to in most MMO games, New World is full of rare items.

If you want to strengthen your character, you need to make armor and weapon sets with high rarity levels. In this guide, we will explain in detail how you can get the rarest items and the working principle of rare items.

What are the Rarity Levels in New World?

There are 5 different rarity levels in total in New World. If you’ve played World of Warcraft before, this kind of rarity system might sound familiar to you.

1. Common(Grey): Grey items and items are usually items that you can collect, craft, and wear from the game’s beginner level 1-15.

Common Items

2. Uncommon(Green): Green items are frequently used at the beginning level of the game. In the New World, green weapons and armor will keep your inventory constantly occupied. You can get “Repair Parts” by salvage these items.

Uncommon Items

(There is no repair with NPC system in New World. So, you have to have Repair Parts by salving items, these will stock in your inventory and you can repair all of your items wherever and whenever you want if you have enough Repair Parts.)

3. Rare(Blue): It’s the rarity level you’ll often encounter in the mid-levels of the game. In general, when you reach level 25 above, you can constantly encounter Tier 3 rare items.

Rare Items

4. Epic(Purple): Most of the armor and weapons you will want to use in the advanced levels of the game will be at the Epic level. It is also necessary to emphasize the importance of some Tier 4 level Epic materials after this level. In the continuation of our article, we will introduce both epic weapons and armors and crafting materials.

Epic Items

5. Legendary(Orange): Almost all of the game’s end-level items are Tier 5 level Legendaries. Legendaries are extremely difficult to produce, collect, and obtain. Mastering the New World universe and raising the level of the profession is very important to find Legendary items.

Legendary Items

How Can I Get Rare Items?

You now know how important rare items are in New World. However, there is no need to rush for rare items. Because you should not forget that the rarer an item is, the higher you have to be in order to equip that item. That’s why we recommend reaching level 50 before trying to get rare items. Other than that, equip whatever your quests and the game gives you. That will be enough for you for a certain level period.

1. Dungeons

There are 6 dungeons in total in the game. Depending on the entry level of each dungeon, for example, there is a level 35 dungeon entry level. You have a chance to get one of the highest rarity items after you complete that dungeon. Therefore, be careful to constantly do dungeon.

2. Corrupted Bosses:

You can quickly get chests by clearing the Corrupted areas where the red marked Elite bosses are located on the maps. Rare items can be found from these chests, depending on the corrupted level you cleared.

3.Elite Bosses and the Luck Factor:

There are mobs with skull marks on some parts of the maps in the game. These mobs do 5 times more damage than regular mobs. Since they are very powerful, they may drop more epic items. There is an important factor here. As the luck factor can be a bonus feature of the items on you, you can increase your chance of dropping rare items by wearing Lucky Gems. However, we recommend this once you reach level 50 above.

Rare Legendary Weapons and Armor

New World offers numerous Legendary items that players can use when they reach a high level. In order for the players to access such items, they need crafting products of different values, and at the same time, their profession levels must be high. In this section, we will list Tier 5 level items that you can obtain in the New World when you reach level 60+.


There are more than a hundred rare weapons and armor in the game. Here we will try to list these weapons by class as much as possible. Finally, considering that there are hundreds of Epic and Legendary items in the game, it would be impossible to list them all one by one. That’s why we’re going to talk about rare weapons and armors that you can only get by Crafting.

Flawless Grandmaster’s Spear: Especially if you are a player obsessed with Dexterity and speed, the most valuable item you need is Grandmaster’s Spear. It is an enormous Legendary item with a gear score of 565 and damage of 917.

Asmodeum Jewelrys: When you increase your mining level to the highest level, you can craft various jewelry with Asmodeum Ingot. These charms can be a great alternative to further strengthen your character in the final levels of the game.

The Lookout: This weapon is a Tier 5 level bow, which is extremely difficult and laborious to manufacture. Especially when you want to produce, it can take your days to collect the materials you want for the craft.

Longsight: Another Epic bow Longsight, is a Tier 5 level Epic item. Comes with the “Abyssal IV” gem, equipped. This adds 50% void damage to your extra damage.

Faeforged Musket: If you are someone who plays Rapier as the other class, you may need to use this Musket to complete your build. Because it is currently the strongest build Rapier and Musket duo in terms of PVE.

Rage: You will love this Fire Staff, which has 3 extra bonuses and comes with the “Empowered IV” gem equipped on it. In its production, materials from the last level of the collecting professions such as Asmodeum and Glittering Ebony are used. You must have guessed how difficult it is to produce this.

Master Cryomancer’s Gauntlet: It is a Tier 5 level Legendary item that can be worn at level 60, which can be used by magicians playing Ice. In order to craft this item, your Skinning and Tannery professions must be advanced enough to produce Runic Leather. Because you will need a lot of Runic Leather to craft this weapon.

Glacial Rage: An Ice Gauntlet that is Tier 5 and can be worn at level 60.

Blessed Wildwood Life Staff: If you are a healer player, you will definitely want to use this staff with +19 focus value. It is easier to manufacture than other Legendary items, but requires 195 Lv Arcana Skill.

Enchanted Flame Staff: Another item that can be selected according to the Perk properties is the Fire Staff item, the Enchanted Flame. It is Tier 5 level and is an Epic rarity weapon.

Opus Blade: If your Weaponsmithing Skill has reached level 185, you can craft this awesome sword. Asmodeum ingot and plenty of Runic Leather are required.

Warrior’s Breath: It is a Tier 5 level Epic rarity Axe. It has +28 Dexterity and deals high damage.

Renaissance: If speed is important to you, we can say that this Rapier gun is for you. You can get a gear score between 500-600 while crafting.

Graiths Maul: If you have Strength + Constitution attributes, as a tank, you should definitely have such a maul with its huge appearance.

Best Wishes: Best Wishes, another endgame item, is a hatchet with a great look. Crafted in Epic rarity and used from level 60.

MasterStroke: The feature that distinguishes this sword from other swords is that it can be produced together with the “Arboreal IV” gem. Thanks to this gem, your damage turns into natural damage depending on your Focus or attack value.

Sacred Demise: It is produced with the Empowered IV gem. It is a Tier 5 level Epic item. It is used for tanks with a Constitution value of +16.

Faedragon’s Claw: This is another item that can be crafted with the Empowered IV gem. It has 2 extra perk features.

Pestilence: Here’s another great looking axe. You can craft with the Arboreal IV gem attached. You can inflict tremendous damage with +19 STR value.

Pixie’s Punisher: Requires Level 198 Engineering profession. It is a hatchet that is difficult to produce.

Honorbound Rapier: You can deal damage at extremely high speed with this Epic item.

The Rareest Materials in the New World

Here, instead of listing dozens of resources in the game one by one, we only listed some Legendary resources. However, if you examine our other guides that we have prepared in detail, you can get detailed information about all crafting materials.

Asmodeum: Requires high level Mining and Smelting. Its production is extremely difficult.

Runic Leather: It is the highest level Leather. Its production requires a high level of Skinning and the Tannery.

Glittering Ebony: It is one of the Tier 5 level resources. It is produced in parallel with the Logging and Woodworking. Woodshop in your settlement must be Tier 5 in order to produce. It is used for crafting high level Legendary items like Asmodeum and Runic Leather.

Scarhide: It is a product that you can produce at the highest level of Skinning. It is widely used in the production of Runic Leather. You can get it by Skinning after reaching level 55+.

Smolderhide: Just like Scarhide, it is a resource that requires high skinning skills depending on your luck. You can loot from any mob that has skin after level 55.

Quintessence Types: It is a Tier 5 level Arcana material with 7 variants in total. You must have 125 level Arcana profession level to produce.

Fire, Ice and Life Crystal Core: Crystals that you can use to craft some high-level Legendary staff in Arcana. Rare item dropped by Level 45+ enemies in Corrupted Breaches.

Aged Tannin: It is one of the materials you need to craft Runic Leather. Can be dropped from Supply Crates and Ancient Chests.

Tolvium: It is a precious metal type that can be formed by the combination of Mining and Smelting.

Cinnabar: Just like Tolvium, it is a legendary level mine that you can produce with the Smelting profession reaching high levels.

Blisterweave: It is a Tier 5 level cloth. It is generally used in the production of Legendary bows.

Enchanted Bow String: It is one of the main items used in the production of Legendary bows.

Intricate Firearm Lock: It is a rare material used to make Muskets that you can craft at the high levels of the Engineering profession.

Embossed Wrapping: It is a most needed and rare Legendary resource in Tier 5 level Spear and Axe crafting.

Etched Handguard: It is used in the production of Legendary items such as Masterstroke sword and Voidbringer’s Rapier.

Empowered Counterbalance: You can craft Legendary level Axes and Mauls with this material. Especially if you are a Dark Sky and Pestilence tank player, they are great items that you will want to use.

Scalecloth: It is a Tier 5 level cloth and is used in the production of Legendary items.

Barbvine: Ironwood is a valuable legendary resource that you can obtain by chopping down trees.

Wildwood: You can get it by cutting down Ironwood trees just like Barbvine. But it is an extremely rare resource. So you can drop it depending on your luck.

Runestone: Used to craft orbs of some high-level Dungeons. Produced from Obsidian Voidstone. For more detailed information, you can review our Stonecutting article.

Pure solvent: It is a tier 5 rare item needed for Stonecutting and Furnishing.

Corrupted Crystal and Shard: They are valuable materials that you can obtain by clearing the Corrupted arenas on the map. You can use these items to craft orbs to enter dungeons.

Scalecord: Silkweed is one of the Epic level cloths you can drop from and supply containers. You can use it in the production of some staffs in Arcana for your intermediate character.

Glintstrands: It is a Tier 4 level cloth that you can collect from Silkweeds. It is often needed in the Engineering and Arcana professions.

Ebonwood: It is a rare Tier 4 level resource that you can obtain by cutting Wyrdwood Trees.

Azurite Chunk: It is a Tier 4 level epic ore found in the New World. You can use it in professions such as Engineering, Weaponsmithing. You can get drops depending on your luck while collecting Starmetal.