New World: How To Sign Up For War | Join A War Guide

September 29, 2021
Are you tired of questing or hunting down mobs? Maybe it time to go to war!

New World, with all it flaws, has some pretty unique PvP systems set in place. Specifically, the WAR system. Basically, how it goes is: Players sign up to go to war, either as the attacker or as the defenders, then, at the appropriate time, they have to be online to participate in the war. Pretty impressive, not going to lie. But how do you sign up or join a war in New World?

How To Join/Sign Up For A War – New World

I expected things to be a lot more complex when this feature was revealed, but it seems like the developers have done a pretty good job of keeping everything simple, and straightforward.

Basically, open up the map, and you’ll see an “Upcoming War” red prompt near a city. Go to it. There, players will need to use the War Board to sign up to the war.

The War Board can be seen by zooming into the settlement or the city closer. The icon is two swords intersecting each other.

Once you interact with the War Board, you’ll have the option to join the attackers or the territory defenders. Now, one of those might be already filled up in which case, you’ll have to settle for the other one.

This usually happens to the attackers’ roster, since there is a bigger interest to attack, rather to defend. Between the attackers and defenders’ banners, you’ll see a time, and date for when the war is scheduled to take place.

IMPORTANT: You will have to be online to participate in the war. The game will prompt you for what time you should be online by. If you aren’t you will lose your spot in the roster.

It will also suggest that even if you aren’t picked for the war, you might be able to join to fill a vacant spot. You just need to click the sign-up button on attackers or defenders, and you will join the war.

If you forget when the war was scheduled to take place, open your map, and go to “Upcoming Wars” on the left-side of your screen. You will be able to see when the war is scheduled to take place.