New World: Cook & Deliver Canned Fish Samples Guide

September 29, 2021
Can you stockpile on some canned fish in New World?

There is a way to make canned fish in New World. There is an also a chance that you might have come across this objective beforehand. Basically, you’ll need to fish, salvage, and then cook to make canned fish samples. This objective is part of the town missions that players get in the game, and it is relatively easy for that matter.

Cook & Deliver Canned Fish Samples Guide – New World

First of all, players will need to make a fishing rod. This can be done on the workshop, and will require different items based on the rod, but usually, timber, leathers, linen, and more.

Once you have a rod, you’ll need to go to some sort of a body of water. The best one we’ve found is the one lake which is located east of the Everfall’s Settlement. More specifically, here:

I used the Firefly Bait, as it greatly increases the chances of catching fish, but you can settle for other baits as well. In terms of what fish you’re looking for, basically, every fish from which you can make a filet, like pike, salmon, trout, and more.

After you have a good number of fish, I’d say 10-15 is a good number, go to a cooking station in a town. Salvage all fish to get filets. To do that, open the inventory, left-click on a fish, then salvage.

When you’re done salvaging the fish, go to the kitchen and start crafting or cooking the canned fish samples. Report back at the Everfall Town Project Board to complete quest.