New World: Collect Lucky Rabbit’s Foot by Hunting Rabbits Guide

September 29, 2021
Getting Lucky Rabbit’s foot will be an objective during the “With A Little Luck” quest in New World.

But how do you get any lucky rabbit’s feet? Well, you’ll basically need to hunt rabbits, and the lucky feet will come. But is there an efficient way to do this? Yes there is, and we’ll go through how to collect lucky rabbit’s foot by hunting rabbits for the “With A Little Luck” quest in the game.

Collect Lucky Rabbit’s Foot By Hunting Rabbits Guide – New World

You’ll be tasked to do this in order for Barkeep Polly to make a charm for Constable Maecia. Upon collection of all five lucky rabbits’ feet, you’ll need to report back in the settlement.

Players can find rabbits just north of the settlement. The exact location for the rabbits is the following:

Avoid going on the main road, and instead, look for the bunnies in the medium sized grass. They can be difficult to spot, but they’re quite bigger than your average bunny.

Upon taking down a rabbit, simply skin it to get the lucky rabbit’s foot from it. Now, you might not always get a lucky foot, because the drop chance isn’t exactly 100%, but you’ll still be able to complete the quest within a few minutes.

Report back to Barkeep Polly upon completion.