New World: A Word With The Speaker Quest Guide

November 16, 2022
Talk to the Speaker of the Winds in New World.

Your heroics in New World have given you some popularity and now you’ve caught the attention of someone called the “Speaker of the Winds”. Grace O’Malley will tell you that he will be waiting for you outside of the Town Hall.

The Speaker of the Winds is easily recognized with his green robes, he can also be found close to Marcel Dupont. Here is a guide on the A Word With The Speaker quest in New World.

A Word With The Speaker Quest Guide – New World

The quest starts with Grace O’Malley complaining about being exploited as a messenger without any compensation.

She’ll pass on the message that someone by the name of the “Speaker of the Winds” is looking for you.

You can head to the outside of Town Hall to see a man dressed in green next to Marcel Dupont.

This green robed man is Francis Turner, the Speaker of the Winds. Simply talk to him to finish the quest. You will be rewarded with some money, experience and a Wind’s Longsword for your efforts.