New Diablo 4 Leaks: Item Rarities, Rare Dungeon Keys, World Tiers

October 28, 2022
What do the new Diablo 4 leaks say about the game? Find out here!

With everyone ultra-excited for the upcoming Diablo 4, major leaks that hold significant information about what to expect and the new things to be added for the game are to be expected. Sad as it may be, that is the reality within the gaming industry today, as fans are seemingly willing to do just about everything to learn more about their favorite game ahead of any official announcements.

To those that want to experience this highly-anticipated game without any prior knowledge of what to expect, it’s your chance to go and leave now. To those that stayed, let’s discuss the new leaks!

Item Rarities, Rare Dungeon Keys, World Tiers – New Diablo 4 Leaks

First things first, the leaks we will be sharing below came from a Reddit post. There is no way to verify if these are true or not.

However, leaks that came from Reddit posts are fairly common and some turned out to be true and accurate – so there’s that.

The leaks showed that the new Diablo 4 is set to introduce new item rarities: the Sacred Items and Ancestral Items.

Sacred Items would supposedly start dropping in World Tier 3 while Ancestral Items would be obtainable in World Tier 5.

While we still don’t know what these supposed new item rarities would be specifically – they may just be scrapped ideas for the previous titles that the developers are trying to reintegrate or these could be different variations on the gear you get as you get closer to the end-game.

The leaks also implied that there will be new types of monsters in the game. They would supposedly be much stronger than the Elite Monsters and will be called Champion Monsters. They will start popping up in World Tier 3.

Expect the Champion Monsters to not be that different from Elite Monsters, apart from their strength and difficulty to defeat, of course. These new monsters may just have a different color scheme compared to the lower-tiered monsters. 

Next are the new Nightmare Sigils, these are rare dungeon keys that unlock Nightmare Dungeons, and will also start dropping in World Tier 3. Furthermore, there will also be Rare Nightmare Sigils that would start dropping on the next World Tier.

Nightmare Dungeons are just end-game versions of the regular dungeons you would encounter playing the game. The Nightmare Sigils just enable you to access much tougher versions of the regular dungeons in exchange for better rewards.

Rare Nightmare Sigils, on the other hand, is still a mystery. How exactly it can change Nightmare Dungeons is still up in the air.

However, it is safe to assume that Rare Nightmare Sigils can augment dungeons further than regular Nightmare Sigils. Perhaps making them much tougher or make it so that they provide better loot.

Lastly, the leak mentions that the game will have 5 World Tiers. And just as you would expect, the higher the tier, the tougher the opponents you would encounter.

That is pretty much it! Those are the new details that came with the new leaks. Again, these aren’t confirmed by any means, while they may likely be true, there is still some chance that these are just made up by a clever fan.