Netflix Steps Into Cloud Gaming, Opens New Dedicated Studio

October 20, 2022
Netflix continues to extend its reach within the gaming space.

It seems to be that Netflix, the ultra-popular media streaming platform, is seriously looking into penetrating the cloud gaming market, expressing its intentions to launch its own cloud gaming service. This is further reinforced by the company’s vice president of game development, Mike Verdu, at the TechCrunch Disrupt gathering this past Tuesday.

Netflix Steps Into Cloud Gaming, Opens New Dedicated Studio

According to Verdu, Netflix is approaching cloud gaming the same way as they did with mobile – they are starting small in a very thoughtful manner.

Expanding into the cloud is really about reaching the other devices where people are currently enjoying their experience with Netflix, he adds.

As big of a deal as Netflix launching its own cloud gaming service may appear to be, it didn’t come as a surprise. This is because the company has already started hiring multiple individuals that have experience with cloud gaming as early as August. While the reason for it was still a mystery back then; it is undoubtedly clear now.

Verdu’s statement didn’t have any additional details related to their cloud gaming plans. However, it suggested that Netflix is looking into launching more games on TVs and not just the casual types of games anymore.

Furthermore, he did not confirm whether they are intending to build their dedicated game controllers just like what Google has done for its failed Stadia service. That may be, at least he confirmed that the games for their cloud service wouldn’t rely on TV remotes for input.

Netflix’s expansion to the gaming industry is widely considered within the company as a monumental move for them. That said, Verdu admitted that the process has been slow and would probably take more years for their vision for it to start materializing.

Nevertheless, Netflix seems happy where it is now and is feeling particularly confident in extending its reach within the gaming space even more.

Lastly, the company has also confirmed that it is opening a new studio in Southern California dedicated to gaming-related efforts.