Necesse: Tips & Tricks

Necesse is a new open-world survival game where you can find a large area of islands to explore, harvest resources, and collect materials to craft the necessary items as you progress through the game. Also, players will face plenty of monsters and creatures to farm and level up in the game. As a new player, you might want to know some tips and tricks for better progress at the beginning of the journey in Necesse.

In this guide, we will show you some Tips & Tricks in Necesse!

Necesse: Tips & Tricks

Create World Backup – Create a backup of a world by going to Load World, selecting the world that you want, then clicking back up and you can rename the selected world.

Obtain Another Elder – By creating a new settlement, you can also create a new Elder.

Rename Your Settlements – You can name your settlements by going into settings, then changing the name of your settlement.

Recall Scrolls – It is so handy to keep some recall scrolls in your inventory in case you need to get to another area. Just click on it and it will get you back quickly to your spawn point.

Restricting Zones – You can create restricting zones where villagers don’t walk away from where you don’t want them to do. Just press “C” to open the settlement settings, then click restrict and manage areas, then create a new area.
Click configure, and with the pointer drag to create the zone that you want them to only stay in. Also, you can choose different areas where they can go. To change it back, press “C” and change it back to unrestricted.

Screenshot the Island – You can take a screenshot of the entire island by pressing “Enter”, and typing mapshot. This will save a mapshot and at the bottom of your screen you will see the link where you can find it. Just click on it to open your document.

Island Scrolling – From the regional map, you can scroll up and down with your mouse wheel and it will move up and down, but also you can scroll left and right by holding shift and scroll on your mouse wheel.

Explore Expeditions – You can hire your explorers and send them out on expeditions. Choose where you want to send them and click “Buy”.

DPS Check – Place a training mob to check out your damage per second.

Focus Summon Minions – You can make your summons to focus on an enemy by right-clicking on them. You can stop them from focusing on one enemy by right-clicking anywhere else.

Remove Minions – If you want to remove your summons, just go up to the buff and right-click on it.

Adding Island Notes – Open your regional map and select an island, then place your own notes on them.

Enchant Items – You need to hire a mage to be able to enchant items at them for a certain fee.

Husbandry – Once you hire an animal keeper, they will shear your sheep and milk your cows.

Raid Protection – You can build a wall around your settlement to prevent raiders from getting in.

Dynamite – It’s a useful item that can be bought from the pirate. It’s really good at excavating caves.

Craft from Nearby Storage – The crafting and working station can use nearby storage.


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