Necesse: Money Farming Guide

Published: 5 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to learn how you can begin earning money fast in Necesse!

Necesse is a retro 2D open-world adventure game where you begin your adventure as a small character and explore different areas. You will mine, kill monsters, build bases, and learn new items as you continue your adventures. Money is essential in this game as it will help you expand your builds and become stronger.

This guide will show you an excellent money farm that you can use to get a lot of money in Necesse.

Necesse: Money Farming Guide

The first step that you need to do for this money farming guide is build a house. This will be a simple farmer house that will attract farmers.

You will now head to a village and recruit some farmers to join your settlement. For this method you will be required to give out some materials in order for the farmer to begin working for you.

Go back to your farmhouse and begin building your farmland. Make the farmland quite large just so that the farmers have a good amount of space to work with.

You will also need to set down some chests which will be coded in-game.

Once you’ve set up the area with chests, press “C” and open up the “Work Priorities” section. In this area you will be able to set specific orders for your recruited farmer.

One the image presented below, you will find the correct settings for your farmer.

Once the farmer settings have been set up, it’s time to assign him to work. Press the Assign Work button and “Assign Fertilizer Zone”. This will allow you to set up an area where the farmer will work and grow his crops.

Set up your farm with a bunch of crops and move over to your chests to set some specific settings related with the working farmer.

On each storage box, you need to press the small gear icon which will allow you to configure the storage.

When you are there, type “Wheat” in the search section, as you have planted and want to store wheat, press clear all, and press the wheat check mark again.

When all of the storage boxes have been set up, you can go to sleep and let the farmer collect the wheat that you will sell to him for money.

And just like that, you have made an automated money making system in Necesse.