Necesse: How to Create a Wood Farm

Published: 5 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to learn how you can make a wood farm in Necesse.

Necesse is a retro 2D open-world adventure game where you begin your adventure as a small character and explore different areas. You will mine, kill monsters, build bases, and learn new items as you continue your adventures. Having a wood farm is a great way to begin earning more materials which will help you become stronger in this game.

This guide will show you how to create a wood farm in Necesse.

Necesse: How to Create a Wood Farm

To begin your adventure in making a wood farm, you will need to find a forest where there are quite a few trees. Once you’ve positioned yourself to the right area, place down a chest and open up the first little chest icon.

Once the menu opens up, press on “Clear all” and only have the “Materials” check box checked.

Once that is done, you will need to have a worker assigned that you will give him a specific area that he will work on and collect materials.

To do this method you will need to press “C” which will open up a menu, press on the last tab on the right side which is “Assign Work” and click on “Assign forestry zone”.

You will now be able to select a green area where the worker can begin doing his work. The marked area with green color will be his working area, make sure that you have marked a lot of trees so he has much work to do.