Necesse: Farming Guide

Published: 5 Jun 2022
Let’s find out how to Farm in Necesse!

Necesse is a new 2D indie game, about surviving in the open world and exploring the huge islands. In order to upgrade and progress through the game, players are required to search for materials and farm a lot of resources to keep their settlement in a good shape. At the start of the game, farming is so important to keep all settlers fed in your village, but before doing the farming, you will want to make some preparations.

In this guide, we will tell you about Farming in Necesse!

Necesse: Farming Guide

Farming is the most important thing that will keep you surviving during the game. Before starting with farming, you need to find the seeds that can be collected around the map. Also, you are required to have the equipment to do the harvesting.

By mining around the map, and mostly in the caves and the dungeon areas, you can find most of the seeds that you need to plant. Also, the tools can be crafted or found in the chests spread around the map and caves.

Once you have all the desired seeds, you have to create your farming plots where you can plant the seeds. There are different varieties of seeds that could be used for eating or making potions.

You can plant different seeds in the same area, even with different duration of the growing time, and once they are fully grown you can start harvesting.

The other important thing that can be farmed is the animals. You can find the animals on the map and just simply go close to them where you can catch and walk them to the fenced area such sheep and cows. For example, the rabbits can be only hunted by the hunters.

You have to feed the animals so they will grow and stay healthy