Necesse: Everything You Need to Know About Settlements

Published: 5 Jun 2022
Let’s find out Everything You Need to Know About Settlements in Necesse!

Necesse is a new indie, survival open-world game where players are exploring plenty of huge islands, farming resources, and gathering materials to make the important crafting in the game and create settlements which are player-made Villages. In the settlements, you can do all the activities and tasks, such as farming, animal husbandry, and forestry by recruiting settlers in your village. The settlers have their jobs in your settlement, which they perform around their houses.

In this guide, we will tell you Everything You Need to Know About Settlements in Necesse!

Necesse: Everything You Need to Know About Settlements

Settlement Flag

At the start of the settlement, you will need a settlement flag that can be crafted at a demonic workstation. To unlock the demonic workstation, you need to defeat the first boss in the game and get the demonic bears from him.

But, if you start with the elder’s house, you can find the settlement flag inside the chest. There are few places you can place your flag like the caves, the existing villages, and dungeons. 

Recruiting & Homeless

Most settlers that you can recruit can be found in the settlements that require to have coins and resources depending on who they are like farmers, alchemists and also some of them that can be found outside the village such as wizards, stylists, explorers and the broken pirate once you defeat him in combat.

Some settlers are not available until you’ve reached a certain point in the game such as beating a certain boss. To be able to recruit more settlers, you will need to build more houses in the village and your settlers won’t be homeless.


To make your settlers happy, you need to give them a proper house, quality food, and a variety of different furniture. The happiness of your settlers is important because the happier they are the better their shop prices are.

To check the happiness of the settlers, go to the settlement tab by opening the inventory and click the house icon.

Job Priorities

In the settlement tab, go to job priorities where you can see a total of 8 jobs that your settlers can do. Hauling which is just moving items, crafting, forestry, farming, fertilizing, husbandry, and hunting.

Some settlers have certain professions as well which they can do the only certain job like farmers with fertilizing, animal keepers with husbandry, the angler with fishing, and the hunter with hunting. Most generic settlers will handle things such as hauling, crafting, forestry and farming.

In the settlement tab, you can choose the job priority for each settler and the level of focus to the job.

First Job

One of the first and most important things that you want your settlers to do is start farming for you. You can get crops for food and they can feed themselves.

You will have to plant the crops at the free planting areas where your settlers will be harvesting it for you.

Settler Storage

Once your settlers start harvesting, they need a place to drop off their inventors or they will get filled up and stop farming.

On the chest click on the gear icon where you can select what they can put in the chest and how much of something they can put in it and the priority of putting items in the chest.

No matter the type of item, they always occupy only one place in the inventory, or some of them can be stacked until they reach the total number.

Once you have more chests with crops, your settlers that focus on crafting will be able to make food for everyone.

Zone Jobs

There are specific zones for each job. For chopping down trees you can select a specific zone in the assign work and create shrink and expand the area you want to use for forestry, and your forestry settlers will chop down anything in that area. This process is the same for all zones.


Once you have enough settlers you can do expeditions. There are only two settlers that you can send out on expeditions for a fee, the angler, and the explorer. The explorer can be sent on expeditions like exploring new caves and bring you materials from there, and the angler can be sent out to catch different types of fish and can bring you some potions.

Settlement Quest

The quests are the game’s way of telling you what to and where to go for your next boss. In the starting, the elder will give you a quest to go get something in the location of the next boss.

The further you progress and the more bosses you beat, you will unlock some sellers.


In the settlement, there are raids on it every two hours starting off easy but with every defeated boss they become more difficult, but you settlers will also level up with the raiders.

The raids happen mostly at night and you will get a warning letting you know it’s coming and what direction they are attacking from. Also, you can check the raids on your map.

Defense and Custom Zones

The defend zone is the area your settlers will defend from hostile monsters which might be expanded and shrunk with the mouse buttons. There is an option for auto-setup where settlers will attack based on their homes.

Also, you can create custom zones where you can prioritize the settler to stay more and do a certain job in that area. Custom zones are the same as any other zones. Make sure to have a chest in your custom zone for your settler to have what to eat.