NBA 2K23: Error Code e434de73 Fix

NBA 2K23 is a renowned basketball game cherished by players across the world. However, with the latest patch, players are experiencing an annoying error code e434de73. This error prevents them from accessing their builds and can be really frustrating for someone who just wants to play their game after a long day at work.

This guide will tell you how to fix the error code e434de73 in the game.

Error Code e434de73 Fix

According to reports by various players on the forums, the error code e434de73 seems to be caused by a particular hairstyle on their character build. If you have a character equipped with the Rodman hair then the game will refuse to load and display the  e434de73 error.

This can be really frustrating because players with other hairstyles are not facing the issue and only those who chose the hairstyle based on NBA player Dennis Rodman are greeted with it. After the latest patch of the game, players with the dreadlocks hairstyle were unable to access their builds

Thankfully, some workarounds were discovered by members of the community with varying amounts of success. The first way is to load into a different build by selecting a mascot such as a skeleton and then quitting to the main menu. Wait for the build to reload and chances are that you will be able to access it.

Another workaround is to create an entirely new build from scratch, go through the story mode and then change the hairstyle of your character after you unlock the Neighbourhood. This method can take some time however it might be worth it if you are interested in using the Rodman hair build without facing any issues.

To use the 2nd workaround method, select MyLeague from the main menu and then choose the MyGM option. Create a new ranked or unranked save file with any difficult and team choice.

After you reach the calendar, press Circle/B to navigate all the way to the end and use the “Edit Head” option. Now change the hairstyle of the player with Rodman style and set it to anything else. Save the changes when you are done and exit the MyGM mode.

Create a new build but make sure not to skip the intro although you can skip the cutscenes. Once the game loads, head into The Neighbourhood section and put on any mascot on your character even if it is a skeleton.

Quit to the main menu and load the player with the problematic hairstyle that is generating the error code. It will take some while to load however once done, you will be able to remove the Dennis Rodman hairstyle and choose any other style.

That’s it, go ahead and use these workarounds until 2K Games issues another update or patch to fix the issue!

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