NBA 2K23: Adrenaline Boost Guide | What’s All About

August 14, 2022
Check out the Adrenaline Boost, the game changer for NBA 2K23!

New gesture combos give players even more ball handling and shooting options for their offensive arsenal. Additionally, a new feature to prevent overdribbling is the concept of Adrenaline Boosts.

Boosts are consumed every time a player performs a hard go or explosive sprint launch, and once their three boosts are gone, players will notice their speed and acceleration decrease significantly for the remainder of the possession. In this guide, you will find everything about the new Adrenaline Boost in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23: Adrenaline Boost Guide | What’s All About

There is a lot of new stuff in terms of dribbling like more signature packages. Players get the attacking size ups, the quicker drain on stamina bar to prevent spams but the biggest change in dribbling that can change the whole dynamics of the game is the Adrenaline Boost.

In terms of stamina, there are two major changes. First, the stamina bar now is much easier to drain and that will give you a rough idea of how will it be, and the second change is that Adrenaline Boost.

The main goal of this adrenaline boost is to prevent players from over-dribbling. There are three small bars under the stamina meter, and these boosts will be consumed when you performed a hard go or explosive sprint launches.

Once these three bars are gone, the player’s movement speed will be decreased for the remainder of the possession. The main stamina bar is for everything like the movement off-ball, the body ups just like the old stamina bar.

The change here is the three small stamina bars that can be drained by those explosive sprint launches only, and the moment all of them run out, your overall movement speed will be affected.

It is pretty much straightforward and the idea behind it is really great, like having those three bars will force you to be efficient. You can just mess around burning the whole shot clock spamming dribbles but there are still some areas that 2K23 needs to take care of like what types of moves or dribbles will be considered as hard go or explosive launches.

This is very important because there is no point in doing these mechanics if not all those animations will be filtered.