NARAKA BLADEPOINT: Is it Available for PS4

May 14, 2022
Is Naraka Bladepoint Available for PS4?

Naraka Bladepoint is already launched on PC and already has amazing feedback from the fans. It is a 60-player fantasy action battle royale. Players are exploring the huge map while jumping around using grappling hook-powered movement. The game is already available on Steam and Epic Game Store but is it going to be available on a console, 24 Entertainment hasn’t confirmed yet.

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NARAKA BLADEPOINT: Is it Available for PS4

Naraka Bladepoint is available in open beta on Steam, but many of the fans were asking when Naraka Bladepoint comes out on consoles in general. IGN has uploaded some gameplay footage of Naraka Bladepoint on a PS5 only.

There is no indication yet that 24 Entertainment has any plans for the console launching of Naraka Bladepoint. Some speculations came out that they confirmed PS5 plans in the near future, but nothing was said about PS4, Xbox One, or Switch.