MythBusters: The Game: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | All You Need To Know

Published: 10 Jun 2022
It’s time to make some breathtaking experiments in MythBusters: The Game!

MythBusters: The Game is an official video game adaptation inspired by the famous Discovery show. If you ever wanted to be a MythBuster, this is the right place where you can bust and confirm myths in the same way as the TV show. Utilizing the full MythBusters Workshop, managing your materials and equipment, and exploring other locations while there is always a new myth to unlock.

In this guide, we will tell you All You Need To Know about MythBusters: The Game!

MythBusters: The Game: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | All You Need To Know

MythBusters: The Game will make you a real MythBuster, the same as the ones in the Discovery Tv Show. You will plan and execute experiments to test various myths, each of them with its own unique mechanics rooted in real-world physics, electronics, etc.

The game will affect you by exercising your brain over a blueprint, where you’ll regularly visit the workshop to work on various machines and create test objects.

Blueprints are the main tool where all the myths start from. It will guide you to accomplish various tasks, including scientific measurements.

Then it’s off to the proving grounds, set everything up and feel the scientific madness, and remember, Don’t do this at home!

In MythBusters: The game, players can solve puzzles in from the Blueprint Zone and worj out the mechanics for each myth.

Before you start with your experiments you will have to collect all needed materials and craft the equipment that you want to use.

The most exciting part is when it’s time to bring the experiment in life by setting it up and testing it out.

At the same time, you are able to confirm or bust real-life myths, or deem them plausible and build your audience to earn more popularity while doing your experiments and testing.

This can earn you more money and create your budget in order to buy another materials and equipment for your next myths and experiments.

Being able to work on this game will bring you back to your childhood where all dreams come true