My Time Sandrock: How To get Water

Published: 29 May 2022
Let’s find out How To Get Water in My Time Sandrock!

My Time Sandrock is a new life simulator where the players are able to do so many activities. While exploring the massive world you can do farming, crafting, building, play mini-games, fight, and many other activities. In the desert game, it’s so important to find water to survive but also it’s a main refined material used to cool the Workshop’s crafting stations to keep running without overheating.

In this guide, we will show you How To Get Water in My Time Sandrock!

My Time Sandrock: How To get Water

In My Time Sandrock all the machines function with water, and if you don’t have enough water your machines will overheat and won’t run.

There are two ways to collect water.

The First way is by collecting the Dew. It is a resource that you can get by cutting down bushes like the Yak thorn bush, the yellow lavender, or just the cactus or trees.

With this method after cutting the cactus or trees, you will be penalized and lose some relationship points.

For that reason, just cut the Yakthorn and bushes, and yellow lavender to get some Dew.

You can’t do this method in the long term because you will get more machines that require much more harvesting materials just to get Dew.

To make it faster and easier, you have to collect Data Discs that can be used to research the Dew Collector from the Workbech.

This machine can produce more than 2 Dew every day, which will help you with the water production.

To unlock the Dew Collector, you have to spend 8 Data Discs to research it from Qi. After 3 in-game days, it will be completed, but you can speed it up by spending additional Data Discs.

In addition, you may want to buy the perk, Water Conservation knowledge level 2 in the workshop skill tree. You will need around 10 Dew to create one water, but having this perk will cost you only 8 Dew to create one water.

The Seconds way to get water is the easiest one and it’s just to buy it at water world. It is located at the water tower, close to the civil corps building.

Inside the store, the first 20 water will be much cheaper than the regular price after those.