MultiVersus: How To Play Iron Giant

Published: 20 Jul 2022
Want to learn How to Play Iron Giant the new character in MultiVersus?

MultiVersus has finally revealed Iron Giant, the big and kind robot known from the film. Before jumping into the game and starting your new character, we highly recommend you learn some of his mechanics that will be a big advantage in your next fight.

This guide will show you How to Play Iron Giant in MultiVersus!

MultiVersus: How To Play Iron Giant

The first thing to be noted about the Iron Giant is that he doesn’t have a double jump like all of the other characters, but instead he can actually fly around, and he has his own meter beneath so you can see how much fuel left he has to fly.

The good thing about the fuel meter is that restocks quite quickly and you can keep flying around for a really long time. Also, it can slightly restock even while you in the air and don’t use his fly ability. His recovery is probably one of the best in the game.

The next thing to note about the Iron Giant is his rage meter. He goes into rage mode after doing some damage to the opponents. Also, your allies can affect on the rage meter, because as more damage they deal, your rage meter will fill up faster.

Another very cool mechanic about the Iron Giant is that he can actually be clinging to a wall or a platform that his allies can use and then fly away.

Talking about Giant’s quick attack, he charges his neutral attack and like eating the metal and in the same time perform a melee attack towards the opponents. This attack deals pretty good damage and also it breaks armor.

After he charges and drops his metal piece, you can walk up, pick it up and eat it to get +1 Bolt.

Iron Giant has a down attack which plants a metal-looking flower, then pick it up, and eats for bolts. Also, your allies can use it to get additional bolts.

The next cool ability about the Iron Giant is not only that he is a huge tank, but he also has projectiles as well as an up attack, throws it kind of like a metal piece. You can charge it to do more damage and to throw it further.

After throwing, he can still walk towards it, pick it, eat it and get his bolts back.

Like most characters, his side attack is  three hit combo, first two he is hitting with his arms, and with the third one he jumps on the enemy hitting with his back.

For Iron Giant’s neutral special attack, depending on how many bolts he eats, it will help this move out which is why you want to use bolts before you use this move. It puts a circle around him, like a barrier, it doesn’t deal damage, but it gives Iron Giant and the allies armor and gray health.

This gray health is actually an extra health bar, which means, eating more bolts you will get more health and additional armor.

The down special of Iron Giant is another very cool ability. He prepares for a launch and you can ait it where you’re going to land.

You can psych your opponent out, aim it at them and just go towards them. This attack deals a massive damage and knockback.

The other, up special movement is also really cool, he spins a car around him and deals massive damage and a couple of hits. The one thing to keep in mind when performing this move is, Iron Giant is so big and tall, and when you use this move even when you’re next to your opponent that is shorter than him it won’t hit them.

A very good advantage about this up special movement of Iron Giant is that it can block projectiles, and you can do it and fly at the same time.

The next is his side special attack. It picks up the opponent and carries them around and drops them where ever you want, and while they are grabbed, the opponents are stunned.

Because Iron Giant can fly, he can perform some air attacks. With his neutral attack in the air, he spins his legs and deals good damage. This attack is chargeable, but also does use more of the fuel while flying.

The down attack in the air is pretty awesome, it hits the opponents with fire, and also you can hold it and keep doing fire damage, but charging it up will use your fuel quickly.

His side air attack is doing a side kick and the up air attack is doing an awesome uppercut. The good thing is that you can do all this while flying.

Iron Giant has also his special air attacks. His neutral special air attack is the same as the ground, creating a force field that allows him to use armor, if you have max of 5 bolts, you can get 5 armor.

The side air attack also uses fuel which is like the shoulder charge and deals huge damage.

Next is the Iron Giant’s up special in the air, the same as his ground attack, he spins with his car in his hand, can also block the projectiles and fly around at the same time.

When the Iron Giant will be in his rage mode, he has a wide variety of moves. He can launch missiles, and do a kick with his leg, and has a down attack which is a stomp on the ground.

The last and the best attacks are the Iron Giant’s specials while he is in rage mode. What actually happens is that it is a standard special, but also a side special that can shoot an orb that can actually stun enemies and put them in the orb.

Other than that, he can do a down special that launches projectiles with his arm at the opponent, and you can charge the projectile for more damage.