MultiVersus: How To Play Garnet

July 20, 2022
Learn all the moves and master Garnet in Warner Bros’ fighting game MultiVersus!

Garnet is a character from the Steven Universe, which is a combination of Ruby and Sapphire. She acts as a protector of the Earth and is the leader of the Crystal Gems. Before you jump in to fight with her, make sure to learn some of her basic and special mechanics for a guaranteed win.

In this guide, we will show you How to Play Garnet in MultiVersus!

MultiVersus: How To Play Garnet

Garnet is a character in MultiVersus that doesn’t have a passive attack but has some awesome Ground and Air Attacks.

Ground Attacks

Neutral Attack – Crystal Combo: a chargeable punch. The more you charge it, the further you travel. The last attack can combo Up for a quick uppercut. Down for a spinning multi-punch, and forward for a slow armored slam.

Side Attack – Gauntlet Strike: this is really cool and controllable. The first attack is the jab of punches, and if you do again it is an armored awesome overhead throw punch. The longer she charges the further she moves.

Up Attack – Double Jab: with this attack garnet charges two upward jabs. After a full charge, she will deliver an extra 2 handed jab and shoot into the air. If you hold up, she will perform an uppercut. Take note that this attack doesn’t gain armor like the standard one.

Down Attack – Shocking Slam: The down attack electrifies the ground, and charges a shockwave projectile that travels across the ground and deals an electrical debuff to enemies. It can be charged to travel further.

Neutral Special – Stronger Than You: It is a really cool attack. It looks like she is singing there and does two things you want to be aware of. While she’s singing, it actually stops the projectiles, and the projectiles can be hit back, being reflected when hit.

She also has a 2 stack on it that will give you and your allies a boost. The first stack gives a speed boost, and the second stack gives the next melee hit armor breaking ability. The great time to start this attack is in the air, so by the time you land, you are almost on your second stack and ready to perform the attack.

Side Special – Rocket Fist: With this attack, she shoots off her gauntlets for the projectile. Keep in mind that this move has a cooldown and you can’t spam it all the time. But while you’re on cooldown instead of doing the projectile she does a shoulder charge.

Up Special – Spark of Love: With this special, she shoots an Electric bolt projectile upward, and when it comes down it gives her and her allies electric fists that do electric damage. If it hits the enemy, it will do electric damage to them while they’re in it, and then it will explode.

Down Special – Gem Dash: She throws a marker and it is attached to you. Then you can move to the other side of the opponent and press input again to dash to it and grab an enemy along the way and throw them back.  

The cool thing about this special attack is that she can place an ally and she can attach the marker to it. When Garnet dashes to her ally, she will reset their hit stun, knock back, and even she refreshes their air option.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air Attack – Starburst: She charges it and explodes into a star shape for her fist and her legs, and they all four of those points do damage.

Side Air Attack – Flying Combo: She is performing a combo of two strong forward punches.

Up Air Attack – Jumping Jabber: She is performing two quick punches upward in the air.

Down Air Attack – Meteor Punch:  Garnet launches downward and charges a meteor punch. She will slam into the ground and knock into the ground and knock enemies upwards if she lands.

Neutral Air Special – This special attack is the same as ground, but it gives you and your allies a boost. Your singing also stops projectiles and allows you to reflect them back.

Side Air Special – Similar to ground, but Garnet’s gauntlets don’t travel as far as on the ground.

Up Air Special – Flying Crossarm: Garnet shots upward an electric bolt and hits enemies, then it gives you and your allies electric fists. She will extend her fists outward, knocking enemies at an upward angle.

Down Air Special – Same as ground.