MultiVersus: How To Change Lobby Character

Published: 1 Aug 2022
Wondering how to change your lobby character in MultiVersus?

MultiVersus is a free-to-play cross-over fighting game where players can choose from a wide range of characters ranging from Shaggy to Batman to Tom & Jerry and many more.

This guide will tell you how to change your lobby character in the game.

MultiVersus: How To Change LOBBY CHARACTER

Unfortunately, the game does not allow you to change the lobby character currently and you are stuck with Wonder Woman as your character in the lobby irrespective of the character that you choose to play.

This can get pretty boring as you will see Wonder Woman in your lobby every time and can’t be changed to another character.

Hopefully, we will be able to change it when the game comes out of the open beta stage and gets released on August 9 2022. Since there has been no clarification from the developers regarding this feature, one can only hope that it gets added in the future

That’s it, hopefully you will be able to change your lobby character in a future update!