MultiVersus: Best Controller Settings

July 21, 2022
Set up your preferred Controller Settings before jumping into a fight in MultiVersus!

MultiVersus is a platform fighter that features several modern features and mechanics. If you are not a fan of the default controller settings for MultiVersus, then you can make some changes and adjust your controls to easily adapt to the game fighting.

In this guide, we will show you the Best Controller Settings in MultiVersus!

MultiVersus: Best Controller Settings

To get to the controls, just simply go to Settings and then click Controls on the top of the menu.

  • Attack – Square on PS, or X on Xbox.
  • Special – Circle and Triangle on PS, or Y on Xbox.
  • Dodge – L1 on PS, or LB on Xbox.
  • Jump – X on PS, or A button on Xbox.
  • Neutral Attack – R1 on PS, or RB button on Xbox.
  • Neutral Special – R2 on PS, or RT button on Xbox.
  • Neutral Evade – L2 on PS, or LT button on Xbox.
  • Up – up on the d-pad.
  • Down – down on the d-pad.
  • Left – left on the d-pad.
  • Right – right on the d-pad.
  • Pickup Item – R1 on PS, or RB button on Xbox.
  • Vibration – Deactivated
  • Swap Grounded Side and Neutral Attack – Deactivated
  • Swap Air Side and Neutral Attack – Deactivated
  • Horizontal Deadzone – 20%
  • Vertical Deadzone – 20%
  • Input Buffer Max Frames – Recommended
  • Input Buffer Hold – Deactivated
  • Double-Crouch Platform Drop – Activated
  • Tap Jump – Deactivated
  • Attack Picks Up Items – Activated
  • Constrain Mouse Cursor to Viewpoint – Activated
  • Fastfall Method – Hold
  • Right Stick – Attacks