MultiVersus: Best Characters To Play

July 31, 2022
Each character in MultiVersus is best in its own way, but we got a tier list that separates the best from each other!

MultiVersus is still in the open beta version and players are already preparing and learning the characters for the official release on August 9. We got a tier list of the best characters in MultiVersus that will be very useful to learn some of the mechanics of the characters while it is still in Beta.

This guide will show you the Best Characters To Play in MultiVersus!

MultiVersus: Best Characters To Play

MultiVersus is a game where you can play and fight with one of the most iconic characters from Warner Bros. Playing as Batman, Superman, Bugs Bunny, and many more, will be a great advantage to know the mechanics of the best characters in the game.

Down below we got a tier list with all the best characters to play in MultiVersus.

A-Tier List

Jake the Dog

It is a Bruiser Type of character and can be unlocked for 2.000 gold in the game.

His best attack is his side air attack which is pretty effective against every opponent.

“Where’s My Halfpipe” is a fun trick that this dog can use against the opponents by jumping on their heads with a skateboard.

The best move that he has is the Rubber Stomach, which allows Jake the Dog to swallow opponents and shoot them as projectiles at other enemies.


Shaggy is a bruiser type of character and costs only 1.500 Gold.

At the first sign, he might not look like a strong character, but his punch can definitely deal damage. His most powerful attack is Power Stomp, which charges his strike and can break the opponents’ armor.

With his air attack, Shaggy clenches his fists together and slams onto the ground to the opponent.

B-Tier List

Fin the Human

Fin the Human is an Assassin type of character and can be unlocked for only 2.000 Gold in the game.

Most of the players see Fin as the best and most overpowered character to play. He has plenty of amazing moves and hits that make him much better than the others.

Fin is a fun character to play and you will never get bored dealing punches with him. He uses his Power Stomp move and creates AOE shenanigans, or most players use his Backpack Attack that deals huge damage.

 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is an Assassin type of character and costs 2.000 Gold in the game.

This character has the most combos. She is very fast and most difficult to learn her mechanics but once become a pro, she can be one of the most brutal characters in the game.

With her Slider combo, together with the Stuffie Bat or Jerk-in-the-Box, he can deal tons of damage in a very short period.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry are a combination of Mage and Ranged types of characters, and they cost 2.000 Gold.

They have great moves which are really hard to learn that take some more time and practice.

They have a common attack Paddle-Paddle-Paddle, in which the upswing can be crushing for an opponent who won’t be able to get out of the cycle.

Tom has a great tennis racket special and a fishing lure that can defeat big enemies like the Iron Giant.

S-Tier List


Batman is another very powerful Bruiser type of character that costs 2.000 Gold.

His Batarang attack can be a boon when it is shot at right time, with returning projectiles that reduce your cooldown. He can do stacks of weakened status effects and deals tons of damage to enemies by using his Batarangs.

When Batman gets into trouble, he can drop a Smoke Bomb to envelope the allies and becomes immune to attack. The smoke will slow down the opponents once they get into the smoke zone.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is one of the most powerful Mage and Ranged types of character that cost only 2.000 Gold.

You might think that he is a weak rabbit, but he can hit very hard and use the ability to heal his allies, and also plays confusing mind games with his opponents.

The Swing Batta Batta attack hits the opponents with an upswing of a baseball bat and deals a big amount of damage to every opponent. His best ability is pie Barrage which heals all the allies on the field, and if the Pie hit some of the opponents, their movement speed with be reduced.