Muck: What Is The Best Armor

September 17, 2021
How does the armor progression go in Muck? It's a bit complicated, but there aren't that many armors in the game.

Muck is one of those games which fit a criteria for only a small percentage of survival players. In a way, Muck is a niche game, and it is pretty apparent once you hit a roadblock. There isn’t much information on the game, so we thought we can contribute in some way by listing all armors in the game from best to worst. What follows is the best armor in the game.

What Is The Best Armor In Muck?

To be honest, the game doesn’t really get any new major updates nowadays. The whole project kind of stopped, even though it has won over a lot of hearts. Either way, be ready to learn about it through trial and error.

What you won’t need to learn though is which is the best armor in the game, which is the Chunkium armor. Chunkium- Chunk, as in Big Chunk.

Yes, this armor can be only crafted with ores that Big Chunk drops. These ores are called Chunkium ores, and they’re by no means a regular drop.

The exact drop rate is still unknown, but it is under than one percent it seems like. We’ve went through the game for hours on end, and didn’t manage to get this ore.

Players will firstly get themselves Gold armor, which is the least strong armor in Muck, then they can transition to Iron armor. The iron armor is actually stronger than the gold, despite popular belief.

The next stronger than Iron armor is Adamite armor set which can be made with Adamite ores, which are also rare to come by. Then, the nest strongest armor is the Mithril armor, and it is only a little weaker than the Chunkium armor.

I suggest making a full Mithril set before setting out to farm those Chunkium ores. If you’re a new player, make sure to use the bow against Chunk, as it is the most overpowered weapon in the game still.

Like I said, the exact drop rates for that ore are still unknown, but what I can tell you is that it will take a while.