Muck: How To Make a Bow

September 17, 2021
Crafting is unnecessarily complex in Muck. This is how you craft a bow though.

Ah, Muck. Even though this isn’t the most spectacular game on the face of the earth, it somehow hooks players instantly. Whether it is its overwhelming graphical simplicity or the whole concept, you’ll definitely have a blast on it. But it is more complicated that people give it credit for. For example, there are multiple weapons like swords, bows, spears, and others, and they are all made differently. Ever wondered how to make a bow? Wonder no more.

Muck – How To Make A Bow

Truth is, Muck can get a little finnicky when it comes to crafting or fletching stuff. It’s not like all of the recipes are shown to players, except the ones learned. But to learn a recipe in Muck, players will need to have the required materials.

The whole process is kind of weird, but what I’m trying to say is, if you want to make a bow in Muck, you’ll first need to get the resources needed, which are:

  • 10x Wood
  • 1x Rope

Pretty self-explanatory, a bow made of wood and rope. However, where players run into trouble is that most of them try to craft it on the workbench.

Bows must be specifically crafted on the fletching table in Muck. If you’re just starting out, then there is a chance that you don’t have a fletching table at all. In that case, you’ll need to make one, but first, the resources needed.

What you need to get is 25x birch wood and 10x flint. Once you have that, craft the fletching table using the workbench.

When you want to make a bow, simply interact with the fletching table and find the recipe, then craft it.

If you aren’t aware, the rope can be crafted from 10x wheat and 10x bark. Wheat can be found anywhere in the world, as for the bark, you can craft it on a workbench with wood.

Bows are seriously overpowered in this game, even though they’re so easy to make. Make sure that you craft some arrows as well before you head to battle.