MotoGP 22: How To Break

April 1, 2022
Let’s learn how to break into MotoGP 22

MotoGP is soon coming to the gaming community, and one of the main ways to keep your spot on the race track is to know when to accelerate and when to break. Knowing when to break in corners is key to winning races in MotoGP.

This guide will show you how to break into MotoGP 22

MotoGP 22: How To Break

You start on the racing track and your first encounter is a sharp right/left turn that you must master by perfectly balancing the leaning and breaking ratio.

What you must do in order to perfectly break and continue driving after a sharp turn, you must slowly lean in the direction that you are headed and as you lean, slowly apply the break.

This way you will be at the corner perfectly and accelerate much quicker into the track.

When you are leaning and you press the breaks instantly, the back end of the bike will wiggle around and you may lose control and spend more time getting back in the race.