Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Mining Citadel Guide

Published: 5 Jul 2022
Check out this mining guide for Citadel in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing adventure game where players use various weapons for hunting monsters and exploring new areas. In this guide, we will tell you how to get Centuria Ore in Citadel.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Mining Citadel Guide

The Centuria Ore can be found in the Citadel area and you will need to bring bombs along with you to collect them. All the places where it can be found are highlighted on the map above.

The first location is Area 2 close to the Riverbank where you will see a big red colour door on the left. Place your large bomb in front of the door and inside you will find the Centuria Ore along with some other materials.

If you go further right from the door, you will notice a bridge and you need to go underneath it to find other resources.

The second location is near Area 13 and you will need to enter an abandoned mine at the edge of the map.

Inside this mine, you will find plenty of ores containing Centuria Ore as well as some other resources. Make sure to slide down the mine until you reach the end and then jump across to the other side of the mountain where the mine continues.

The third location is at Area 12 close to the large tower where you will find a mining ore containing some Centuria ores.

The fourth location is Area 5 at one of the mountain peaks where you will find 4 Centuria Ores.

If you go down from the peak and then head towards the left of the waterfall then you will find another Centuria Ore on the ground.

Another one can be found in the cavern next to the waterfall.

The fifth location is at Area 6 inside the cave with the frozen snow peaks. There will be 2 Mining ores inside containing Centuria Ores.

If you head out of the cave and then climb the mountain with frozen peaks on your right then you will find another ore.

On the same mountain, you will another ore in one of the corners by travelling a bit further.

That’s it, these are all the places where you will find Centuria Ore in Citadel!