Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Flooded Forest Guide

Published: 5 Jul 2022
Check out this mining guide for Flooded Forest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing adventure game where players use various weapons for hunting monsters and exploring new areas. This guide will tell you how to mine Purecrystals and Meldspar ores in Flooded Forest.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Flooded Forest Guide

You will need to be at least Master Rank 3 and head over to the Flooded Forest to find these materials. All the places where these materials can be found are marked on the map above.

The first location to find these materials is Area 2 where the pyramid-like structure is located. Climb to the top from the right side and you will find the 4 Purecrystals lying on your left.

To find some more crystals, you need to climb further up and enter inside to collect some Meldspar ore and Purecrystals.

The second location is Area 4 where you need to climb the stairs of the temple-like structure and inside you will find 4 Purecrystals as well as 4 Meldspar Ores.

The third location is at Area 10 where you need to dive into the hole to enter the secret cave and then climb up on the platform to collect 3 Meldspar Ores and 4 Novacrystals.

After climbing out of the cave, you will find the 4 Meldspar Ores and 4 Purecrystals on the left side of the hole.

Finally, the fourth location is at Area 11 where you need to enter a small hole in the mountain next to the waterfalls to collect 3 Meldspar Ores and 4 Novacrystals.

That’s it, these are all the areas where you can find these resources in the game!