Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Best Long Sword Combos

July 5, 2022
Check out the Best Long Sword Combos in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Sunbreak offers a bunch of long swords that can encounter every single enemy. These swords have combos which makes them even more powerful. If you are a sword player and want to get the full capacity of your weapon to deal the optimal damage, for sure you will want to know some of the best Long Sword Combos in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

In this guide, we will show you the Best Long Sword Combos in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Best Long Sword Combos

Combo 1

The first best long sword combo in Sunbreak is using the Silk Bind Sakura Slash to level up the spirit gauge faster and dealing more damage at the same time.

In Sunbreak this is an extremely convenient way to get your spare gauge from zero to red.

Sakura slash is especially good for its elemental motion value and therefore extremely beneficial to use with elemental long swords.

This combo will help you at the very start of the hunt, but you will need to have three wire bags, which means you have to collect the third wire bag before approaching your target monster.

Sakura slash consumes one wire bag with a cooldown of about 36 seconds which is quite long. Actually, if you play with wire black whisper at level 3, the cooldown will be reduced to 30 seconds.

This combo is great for all monsters that don’t roar at the beginning when they spot the hunter, but if you fight a large monster that roars at the beginning of the hunt, then you should start with the Iceberg Sledge instead.

The switch skill swap is recommended as you can change your special sheath combo with the sacred sheath combo. Also, you are able to chain consecutive Sakura slashes faster.

Combo 2

The second combo is an incredible damage dealer when you have an appropriate opening to use it. To perform this combo, you will need to switch skill swap after Sakura slash and simply follow up with the Helm breaker.

You can cancel the last part of the animation of the soccer slash with the switch goal swap. Also, you will need to have at least a yellow spirit gauge level and two wire bags at your disposal to execute this combo.

This is the fastest way to deal tons of damage in a short amount of time with a longsword. Helm Breaker doesn’t consume sharpness and its damage increases vibrant riding damage as well.

Depending on both, the amount of time and the wire bags you have available, you can choose between this combo or the next Combo 3.

Combo 3

This combo can only be used optimally when you have a longer opening to attack the monster, and it deals a huge amount of damage. Instead of using the switch skill swap and following up into Helm Breaker, you can perform a sacred sheath after it.

The button has to be held down for the entire duration of the animation. If you release the button during the sheathing animation, you will perform the sacred sheath counter, while if you keep the button pressed you will start the charging stance after which you will be able to land three powerful consecutive slashes called Spurred release slash.

Depending on the charge level, you can either perform one, two, or three slashes. The first slash deals little damage, second hits a bigger amount, and the third deals massive damage.

This is the longsword attack with the highest DPS in any Monster Hunter Rise game with a combined motion value of 463.

It is very important to know that a fully charged spirit release slash will deplete all your spare gauge levels from red to zero. After executing this attack, you can follow up with a spirit round slash or spirit reckoning depending on which skill you are using, and recover one level of spare gauge.

It is highly recommended to use the spirit round slash in a combination with a sacred sheath. It deals a bit less damage than spirit reckoning but it’s way faster and easier to land.